Saturday, June 22, 2019

Daisy Does Toronto and I Do Squats

Daisy has been having a blast at the park, and walked over to her Aunt's for a nice night out on Wednesday. We're about to go to the park for her 1st "workout" of the day. She usually gets three trips to the park, and I get one trip to the gym.

Earlier this week I did a bench press session at Bang Fitness, and yesterday it was a great squat session.

1a) Glute Ham Raises
1b) Mobility

2a) Squats
2b) Box Jumps

3a) Front Squats
3b) More Glute Ham Raises

Fun stuff.

Today I'll go in and do some close-grip bench presses and pullups.

Alright park time!

PS - Remember...

If you are struggling, stop feeling sorry for yourself and go out and help someone. Add value to the world. Turn your moping into mentoring and help someone climb the ladder in your world. The best thing you can do for yourself is to make everyone around you better.

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