Thursday, June 13, 2019

Daisy DooDoo and Squatting

Daisy is tearing up Toronto parks with her doggy friends and having some great workouts.

Her poopy issues have been sorted out, and while she still stinks from time to time, she is not making middle-of-the-night messes, thank goodness.

That's allowed me to sleep better and get in a few good workout.

First, Squat day...

1a) Squat
1b) KB Swing

2a) DB Lunge
2b) Glute-Ham Raise

Then, upper body day

1a) DB Bench - 70x18 reps (new PR)
1b) Seated Row

2a) Pullup
2b) Pushup

Off day today, and then over to deadlifts at lunch time tomorrow.


PS - Epic rant: College is a bad idea from Bedros and myself on our Empire Podcast Show

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