Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tokyo to Toronto

Last day in Tokyo today. We spent a couple of hours in an electronics store (massive, 7 stories) looking at cheap 3-D printers and other cool toys that will soon be changing the future. After that, a Wagyu beef burger at Blacows. Pretty rich, that will keep me full for a while.

The day started with workout in the Conrad Hotel gym of squats, db chest supported row, deadlifts, and db incline presses. That was followed by cable abs and face pulls, finished with shrugs. Good times. I was still training light because it was a deload week. Real workouts start Tuesday morning for a new program.

Last night we had another kaiseki dinner. This was our 3rd of the trip, and a kaiseki meal involves about 8-10 courses. The majority are fish based, and it was an incredible meal. From sea cucumber (not great) to oysters, clams, fried crab, salmon and rice, and chestnut rolls, the variety was fantastic. Earlier in the day we walked around the Harajuku shopping area of Tokyo amongst a sea of people. It was like the streets of NYC, twenty people wide and non-stop wave after wave of people. Pretty cool.

But for now, it's a bit more time at the airport and then off to San Francisco - followed by a long layover - and then finally back to Toronto. One more night at a hotel before driving home early in the morning.

Oh, and then back to a hotel on Tuesday night before my flight to Florida on Wednesday for Thanksgiving, followed by a flight on Friday to Mexico for Mike Geary's wedding. A lot of airports, but worth every minute of the hassle.

And always training in there too,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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