Saturday, November 09, 2013

CTT Graduate Punisher Squat Workout

Just put all the new CTT's through their official "Graduation" 20-10 workout of:

1) Prisoner Squats (2 rounds)
2) T-Pushups (2 rounds)
3) Total Body Extensions (2 rounds)
4) Pushups (2 rounds)
5) Swing Lunges (2 rounds)
6) Mountain Climbers (2 rounds)
7) PUNISHER SQUATS!!! (8 rounds)

Everyone was able to finish.

Great times.

Amazing people here at the Turbulence Training Certification.

11 new "TT Family" members.

Lifelong friendships established, and TT Trainers are already PUMPED for the June TT Summit in San Diego.

It's going to be amazing.

Hope you choose to join us.

I promise to Punish you too if you do.

Looking forward to it,

Craig "The Punisher" Ballantyne, CTT

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