Saturday, October 01, 2011

TRX Giveaway

All the details on how you can win a TRX (and get two sample TRX workouts is at the end of today's

But first, a funny Bally story...

On Friday morning we packed up ol' Bally the Dog for another drive, and this time we went over to
the home of the architect who is working on my mom's new house.

She's having him design her new house almost exactly like his...and it's going to be really cool.

I particularly liked the massive garage she's going to have, where she's also going to let me finally
install my own squat rack and deadlift platform (even though I'll only use it once a month when I
visit...hmmm, I might have to go home more often).

The architect had a really cool garage, with a bar and area for him and his 'boys' to hang out after

He just so happened to be thawing out some chicken wings (for Friday's boy's night out) when we
dropped by.

When we arrived, we let Bally the Dog out of the truck so that he could play with Mel, the German

At first Bally was into playing, but then suddenly he ran into the giant garage and was gone for a

I KNEW something was up because I know that dog and his sneakiness.

But the architect said, "don't worry about it, he's okay in there".

So I waited a few more seconds. Called his name. Whistled his "come and get a treat" whistle.


After him, I went.

Found him, I did.

Nose in the chicken wings, it was.

Fortunately he only got a couple, and he was fine (because it's only cooked chicken wing bones that
tend to cause problems).

Funny old Bally. Silly old dog.

But all in a day's work for him, a day which also included him monitoring my TRX training session.

I've included that TRX workout along with a sample total-body TRX workout on this page:


At that site you'll also find YOUR chance to have your very own TRX at your house to use however you

To qualify to win, just write in the comments section on this blog post why YOU deserve to have a
TRX equipment piece at your house and how you would use it in your Turbulence Training fat loss

=> <= Comment here

Looking forward to your story and contest entry. I'll pick the winner of our first TRX giveaway on
Tuesday, October 4th.

I will send the winner a TRX...and I'll pay the shipping, ANYWHERE in the world.

My gift to you for being an active TT reader. Thanks so much.

Will announce our first winner on Tuesday,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Certified guy who likes to workout outside on the farm

PS - Don't miss your change to win here:


Looking forward to your entry.

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