Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Use This Workout To Help Rescue Bally the Dog

Hey Team Turbulence,
I sincerely apologize for Monday's email.
My account was hacked by the evil Svbraigz van CallEnssen.
Clearly he's friend with Rupert Murdoch and the folks over at the "News of the World".
Anyways, the rumors are true. The evil Super Villain, Svenbraigz CallEnsonn dognapped poor old Bally the Dog, and I'm frantically trying to track him down.
In fact, I flew down to Tampa, Florida to get help from the only person I know who could possibly track down this evil genius...
Lily Marionz (Joel Marionz daughter)

You can tell we just figured out what we're going to do. It's a brilliant plan. She's one smart lil' cookie.
So here's what she came up with.
Her plan included begging John Romaniello to create a cool, unique Superhero workout that would train you to have a lean amazing superhero physique (whether you're a Superman or a WonderWoman).
Plus, John and I created a new bodyweight program called the TT Fantastic 400.

And I'll give you the TT Fantastic 400 bodyweight workout as a bonus when you get John's new SuperHero Workout System here.
Just email our TT WonderWoman, Lesa, here and she'll send you a link to your bonuses (there's actually THREE workout bonuses):
=> TurbulenceTrainingHelp AT
Use these workouts and you'll help me beat that dastardly super villain. Grab these cool new workouts here:
I figure if you can beat my TT Fantastic 400 bodyweight challenge, then you'll be able to help me battle the Super Villain, Braigz Callenson.
Together, we can defeat him and rescue Bally the Dog from his long, slow, cardio torture chamber.
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Creator => TT Fantastic 400 Bodyweight Challenge
PS - Please be on the lookout for Bally the Dog.
While the dog is insane, he's also quite friendly.
If found, please feed him immediately and rub his belly.

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