Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dognapping Update

Greetings Fellow Villains,
My name is Svbraigz CallEnnsonn, Super Villain, and author of the
soon to be released workout, "TT Clash of the Super Villains".
It's an incredible new fat burning workout coming your way this week.

But enough of the pleasantries, after all, I'm evil. Quite eeevil.
That's right, so eeevil I need 3 e's in eeevil.
I make Dr. Evil look like Pre-med Fratboy Evil.
And you will certainly discover my evil side later this week when
I unleash the TT Clash of the Super Villains program on you.
**shakes fist**
...unless that super-dork trainer, Craig Ballantyne, pays me a
ransom of his six-pack abs in return for his dog, Bally, who I had
dognapped late last week.
Here's a photo of my evil henchman, "CROG", dognapping that
viciously friendly lil' varmint.
We've now got Bally the Dog locked away in my secret underground
lair, guarded by sharks with laser beams on their heads.
And we're making Bally do endless amounts of long, slow, boring cardio.
**insert evil laugh - Mwahahahahaha**
But the evil of long, slow, boring cardio is not what I have in store
for you with my Super Villain fat burning workout.
That workout is much, much more evil.
You'll get...
- The Joker's Jest circuit
- The Vulgarian Split Squat
- The Venom Pushup
- The Riddler's Revenge
And so much more evil your computer screen simply cannot handle it.
You'll just have to wait until it is released this week as a bonus to go
along with John Romaniello's new "SuperHero Workout".
Yours in fat burning evilness,
Svbraigz CallEnnsenn
Evil Norwegian Industrialist and Fat Burning Expert
PS - You're to love to hate my new TT Clash of the Super Villains
workout, but... won't be available until Wednesday. I still have to go back down
into my evil laboratory and put a few final heinous touches on this
fat loss madness program. **insert more evil laughter, a roar of
thunder, and a flash of lightening**
And you can only get this workout as a bonus to go along with John
Romaniello's SuperHero Workout (or if you are a Platinum TT Member).
PPPS - No dogs were harmed in the dognapping of this dog.
Although he was yelled at for jumping on Crog...but then was immediately
given a belly rub because really, how can you stay mad at that lil pup,
even when you're an evil Super Villain?

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