Saturday, November 13, 2010

Un-Necessary Workouts in LA

You know, if you really want to hear about it, I've known people to get results with almost every type of program and diet. Your job is simply to find the right diet for your personality and lifestyle and to use a fitness program that you like - so you stay consistent - that has some amount of resistance training.

Yesterday I wasn't scheduled to workout, but Joel Marionz wanted to go to Gold's Gym, and training at Gold's is one of my favorite things to I did 5 sets of deadlifts (225x5x12-15), some split squats, and ball leg curls. Joel did a 1000 calorie challenge workout. He was pretty beat by the end of it.

Then I had a late lunch at Loose Leaf Salads. Baby spinach, seared ahi tuna, avocado, red pepper, onion. A little expensive but bvetter than a $5 footlong. Dinner was at Drago Centro downtown, an Italian joint. It was good, nothing amazing.

Today, I started with another un-necessary workout...this time chinups and arms with John a very strange, wood-paneled, plaid-carpeted gym at the Standard hotel in LA. Now, and I never thought I'd say this, we are going to Bill Phillips' house for the day with a bunch of other fitness experts.

If I learn anything that will help you with your transformation, you will be the first to know. Trust me!

Today's kickbutt mindset:

A clear personal philosophy and a set of unbreachable guiding principles will allow you to live a happy, producttive, guilt-free life. Know what you will and will not do.

And today's video:

The best exercises for fat burning (another one of your workout questions answered - let me know what to answer next)

=> The Best Exercises for Fat Burning

Get strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS 

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