Tuesday, November 16, 2010

17 Workouts - last chance today

Hey, I'm giving away 17 bonus workouts today when you get
Joel Marion's Holiday Fat Loss Diet

But the 17th program, the "TT Clash of the Titans" is only available to fast action takers TODAY...and you can't buy it anywhere on its own. So if you want that one, you have to take action today.

=> Get the Holiday Diet & 17 free TT Workouts here <== Last chance for #17

I highly recommend his Holiday Fat Loss meal planning schedule for the holidays. It will save your butt, big time. Literally!

Now about those 17 workouts...here's a complete list of the 17 TT workouts that you'll get for free today when you get Joel's program:
1) Turbulence Training 2K10 (the hottest trends of 2009 all in one)
2) TT Beginner Total Torso Training (best beginner program)
3) TT Transformation (Spin-off of Buff Dudes-Hot Chicks manual)
4) TT Adrenaline (The program that DOES out-train a bad diet?)
5) TT Big 6 Circuit (Improved version of legendary Big 5 program)
6) TT Bootcamp 2K10 (features 6 bootcamp style workouts)
7) TT Booty for Wife (12-week booty program!)
8] TT Addiction (you'll get hooked on this challenge workout)
9) TT Hard-core 2K10 (the 2006 classic has been updated)
10) TT Bodyweight Cardio 3 (NO-equipment workouts to replace intervals)
11) TT Bodyweight Bodybuilding 2 (advanced bodyweight training)
12) TT for Meatheads V (instant classic)
13) TT Dumbbell Depletion (20 minute workout)
14) TT Meatheads 4x4 (shorter Meathead-style workouts)
15) TT Resistance Evil (most extreme TT workout EVER)
16) TT Meatheads Bench Press (add 25 pounds to your bench in 4 weeks)

What an awesome list.

My favorites are:

a) TT for Meatheads V
b) TT Resistance Evil
c) TT Adrenaline (for advanced interval-based fat burning)

And according to TT reader feedback, TT users love:

a) TT Hard-core 2K10
b) TT Resistance Evil
c) TT Bodyweight Cardio 3

Now you could invest $90 in those 3 programs when sold separately, or you can get ALL 17 of those programs for free when you grab Joel's essential holiday eating guide here today:

=> Click Here for Joel's Program & email us for your bonuses 
Then just email us your receipt here at the TT Team email address
=> turbulencetraininghelp AT gmail.com
... and we will play Santa and send you out your amazing TT Workout bonuses.

Let me know which TT Workout you start with.

Happy Holidaying,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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