Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Diet Confessions from Bill Phillips and me

Today I received a mysterious gift package in the mail.

A giant box full of "goodies".

Turned out to be an enormous basket of fruit, chocolates, peanut brittle, popcorn, and cookies.

Confession #1 - I ate 5 pieces of the chocolate-covered peanut brittle.

Confession #2 - Then I stopped and threw the rest of the peanut brittle into the garbage.

Confession #3 - After that I took the chocolates, popcorn, and cookies and left them in a box outside the entrance to my apartment building where I knew a passerby would take them. (Trust me, I've done this before and the stuff I leave out ALWAYS disappears.)

But I kept the fruit. (Of course.)

Now why would I do such a thing?

Because of a fault I share with Bill Phillips, who confessed on Saturday afternoon:

Confession #4 - "If its here, I'll eat it."

At the time he said that, Bill was talking about the massive dessert display in his dining room. The same dessert table that I went to not once, not twice, but THREE times on Saturday afternoon.

(By the way, in case you didn't know, Bill Phillips, author of the New York Times best-seller "Body For Life" invited over a dozen fitness experts into his house on Saturday to meet some of the grand champions of Transformation programs.

We sat and watched the inspiring videos of the Transformation winners and then we had a big lunch, toured Bill's massive multi-million dollar home, and then had a big brainstorming session in the afternoon about how we can all reach and help more people transform.)

But back to those desserts...

...I'm like Bill, and you're probably like Bill too.

If there are goodies in the house, we're going to find them and eat them. And even though research suggests that if you put the goodies out of arm's reach and hidden in containers in hard to reach places, then you'll eat less of them...

We still know that we'd still track them down. And eat them. ALL.

So I keep the junk out of the house.


Of course, your question is, "I have to keep some goodies in the house for my kids/spouse."

Really? Let me try and convince you otherwise.

Why not try this approach - Only allow goodies into your house on designated cheat days (use this proven system to set up your cheat meals).

On all other days, no junk food allowed. It's too tempting otherwise.

So plan out your cheat days and follow a guilt-free diet.

That's what I did on Saturday...

Confession #5 - I had a big cheat day on Saturday at Bill's house.

I ate a bunch of desserts. And then later that night I had a big sushi dinner with my friends Mike Geary, Isabel De Los Rios, Joel Marion and his wife Lisa, John Romaniello, and the newlyweds, Vince and Flavia Del Monte.

NOTE: I don't think Isabel EVER cheats on her diet. In fact, I ate half of the food off her plate...but hey, she said I could! I swear!

And this was all according to plan, thanks to the cheat day system that my buddy Joel Marion guarantees will work for you.

So if you're sick and tired of feeling guilty about enjoying a holiday meal, then you are going to love his program.

Joel's complete blueprint to holiday eating will help you LOSE fat even during the busiest, highest-calorie time of the year. Guaranteed.

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By the way, Bill Phillips is a funny, funny guy. He was a gracious host, allowing dozens of strangers to wander around his house.

This also brings up an extra bonus confession.

BONUS CONFESSION - Both Bill and myself, and Vince and Roman, and every fitness expert I know, we're all "addicted" to lifting.

If we go a few days without training, we aren't happy about it. And because we never miss our workouts, we can make a few extra "dietary mistakes" during the week because our bodies are lean-muscle calorie-burning machines.

Heck, we could probably stay ripped using the so-called "Twinkie Diet".

That's one of the biggest benefits of being consistent with the TT Workouts.

And I want you to be addicted to the benefits of Turbulence Training as well.

But a lot of people don't get hooked on exercise because they only do long, boring, cardio workouts.

So here's the solution.

It's a "two-birds-with-one-stone" solution, if you will.

Step #1 - Go to this website and get Joel Marion's Holiday Fat Loss Diet to guide you through the holiday eating season (it's the perfect plan to help you actually LOSE fat during the holidays):

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Step #2 - After that, send us your receipt and we'll send you a link to download ALL 16 of the TT Monthly workouts from 2010. Just email us here:

=> TurbulenceTraininghelp@gmail.com


Now it's time for me to get back to work on a full update about the Transformation tips that Bill shared on Saturday. I'll have that up on the TT blog before next week.

Helping you TRANSFORM over the holidays,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - What are the 16 TT bonus workouts you'll get?

1) Turbulence Training 2K10 (the hottest trends of 2009 all in one)
2) TT Beginner Total Torso Training (best beginner program)
3) TT Transformation (Spin-off of Buff Dudes-Hot Chicks manual)
4) TT Adrenaline (The program that DOES out-train a bad diet?)
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14) TT Meatheads 4x4 (shorter Meathead-style workouts)
15) TT Resistance Evil (most extreme TT workout EVER)
16) TT Meatheads Bench Press (add 25 pounds to your bench in 4 weeks)

Amazing, huh?

That's over $355 worth of workouts right there, and you get them all as a free bonus when you get Joel Marion's holiday fat loss plan here:

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Once you get Joel's program, just email us your receipt and we'll send you a link to download ALL 16 of those workouts.

EXTRA BONUS CONFESSION - I created the TT Addiction workout to get you hooked on TT Workouts! And I know it will work.

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