Monday, November 08, 2010

Two Tips to Get More Results In Less Time

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Now...let's carry on to the 5 Workout Boosters you can use to get more results in less time over the holidays.

Workout Tip #1 - Superset Bodyweight & Dumbbell Exercises

Also perfect for busy gyms in January, what you're going to do here is pair a bodyweight exercise with a dumbbell exercise in your superset.

This way you don't have to waste time adjusting equipment or walking around your gym.

For example, if the workout calls for a dumbbell press followed by a dumbbell row, switch it to:

a) Decline (or other) pushups plus DB Row
b) DB Chest Presses plus Inverted Bodyweight Row in squat rack
c) Pushups plus Pullups or Bodyweight Rows (double bodyweight option)

Here's another example. If your workout calls for a squat (any kind) and a dumbbell shoulder press, switch it to:

a) Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat (1&1/2 rep style) plus DB Press
b) Squat plus Pike Pushup or Handstand Pushup
c) DB Split Squat Plus Decline Pushup or Close-Grip Pushup

Bottom line: We are focused on movements and muscle groups and not married to specific exercises (in most cases). Thanks to the massive variety in the TT workouts, we always have options.

Workout Tip #2 - Cut Back

This another one you can use all year round. Here's the deal...

Too many folks do too much.

Too much cardio.
Too many chest exercises.
Too many crunches and abs.
Too many days in the gym.

Stop with the "too many, too much" already.

Trust me, I bought into the "hour a day, 6-days per week" approach too back in the early 90's when I started lifting.

But I soon realized that was bad news for my joints and didn't do any better than 3-4 awesome, 30-45 minute workouts per week.
You will immediately reduce your risk of chronic fatigue and overuse injuries, plus, you'll have more time and energy for more important parts of your life (like relationships, hobbies, and relaxation).

And at this time of year, you'll still get 80% of your results if you can squeeze in 20 minutes, 2-3 times per week. Trust me.

So take 2-4 basic exercises, and do 2-3 rounds of those exercises in superset fashion (with a warm-up, of course). Do another 2-4 basic moves on a 2nd day, and that will help you keep the fat off even if you're busier than Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

Alright, that's enough info for today. Gosh I ramble on, don't I?
I'll be back later this week with the other 3 workout boosters.
To your success all year round,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Turbulence Training Bodyweight Workout Solution
PS - Here are a few nutrition boosters for holiday fat loss:

1) Green Tea - replace all juice, soda, etc. with Green Tea during the day

2) Vegetables - fill up on vegetables at lunch - and even add them to breakfast
3) Control your appetite with fiber rich foods, such as almonds, apples, veggies (as mentioned), and even protein shakes if that is what you like

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Dean Marney said...


I teach Power Yoga--Ashtanga Base--and have often thought that 40 minutes was enough but still push people for a full 60 minutes thinking that they aren't getting their monies worth with a shorter amount of time.

Not exactly a TT workout but wondering what you think.



Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Its not about "getting your monies worth", its about getting results and reducing injury risk.