Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ballantyne's Day Muscle Massacre

I have a big announcement...
...the NEW "TT Ballantyne's Day Muscle Massacre" extreme workout is now available for download in the TT library for ALL TT members.

A nice little early Ballantyne's Day present for you.

Just go here:

=> Get the TT Ballantyne's Day Muscle Massacre Workout

 Get ready to be sore. But love it at the SAME time.

On a scale of 1-10, this one goes to 11.

Braigz CallEntyne, the evil twin brother of Craig Ballantyne is back by popular demand with another tough workout..."The Ballantyne's Day Muscle Massacre".

This program is just as tough, but still much different from his last extreme workout, "TT Resistance Evil". But it IS just as evil.

Be prepared, because you'll experience even MORE muscle soreness this time, thanks to the TT 10-Minute Squat workout. This is an ADVANCED workout - be prepared.
I promise that the Muscle Massacre will leave even the long-time Turbulence Trainers hating "The Braigz". However, that is encouraged. Do it. Curse him all you want. He likes it.

Get ready to make an amazing discovery of how you can inflict incredible amounts of muscle damage on your legs in just 10, possibly the most "meatheadish" muscle pumping upper body workout in the history of the Turbulences, and much more.

Just go here:

=> Get the TT Ballantyne's Day Muscle Massacre Workout

Let us do it,

Braigz CallEntyne, ETB
Training of the Turbulences


If you're not currently a TT Member, I'd love to welcome you back into TT Members here.

More workouts coming soon, including TT Beginners 2K11 and a unique fat-burning program called "TT Switch" coming on March 1st.
Looking forward to your success,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, Turbulence Training

PS - If you just want the new extreme Ballantyne's Day workout...

...and don't want to be a member, that is okay too.

You can just grab the new workout here.


Happy Ballantyne's Day!

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