Saturday, March 15, 2008

2 Nutrition Terms I Think Are Weird

Here are two nutrition terms I've always thought were weird. Not surprisingly, they come from the bodybuilding world...

1 - Clean Eating

As opposed to what? Eating dirty? Not washing your food? Eating out of a garbage can like my dog tries to do?

Besides, eating "clean" as no clear definition.

15 years ago it meant "chicken breasts, rice, and vegetables". Low-fat, relatively high-carb. Preferably eaten out of a big tupperware container by a bodybuilder wearing spandex.

Now it means "chicken breasts, organic vegetables, no carbs, flax oil, fish oils, and a Green Tea". I think. I don't really know anymore. Not that I ever did.

Can someone please find another term to use? Please?

2 - Cheat Meals

This is so 1980's bodybuilding...I prefer the term "reward meal", if anything is going to be used at all.

So just say "I'm eating". Not "I'm eating a cheat meal". Then again, if you say you "eat clean" all the time, wouldn't you call your cheat meal your "dirty meal"?

Its just eating,

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