Monday, January 28, 2008

Intense Fat Burning Workout

I'm always amazed by people who tell me that Turbulence Training is too easy for them.

Actually, shocked is a better word.

Each Turbulence Training workout has left me sweating and feeling tired (but a "good" tired), and I've never finished any TT workout and thought it was too easy or ineffective.

So if you think it's too easy, or if you've done this Intermediate TT workout and said, "no problem", take a look at how I would do it, and then ask yourself if you are training hard enough.

Now you might not be able to use the same weights as I do, but maybe you could be using more intensity in your own workouts. And that's all that is necessary to make your workouts better for fat burning.

So let's examine Workout A, from the Intermediate Phase of the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss manual...

Warm-up: I'd use this to get mobile and warmup my muscles. I'd even be starting to sweat a bit. Now onto the supersets...

1A) DB Split Squat (8 reps) - I would use at least 60 if not 70 pound dumbells for this. It would be really hard - there's no other way to put it.

1B) DB Incline Press (8 reps) - I'd use 80-90 pound dumbells for this. Combined, this superset would soak my shirt on its own.

2A) Stability Ball Leg Curl (15 reps) - Granted, I could do this exercise without a problem, so I'd either increase the number of reps per set to 25, or I would do the 1-Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl.

2B) Pushup (15 reps) - I would increase the reps to 35 pushups per set, or I would use a more difficult version such as close-grip pushups, or even decline close-grip pushups.

3A) Stability Ball Jackknife (10 reps) - I'd increase the reps to 20 per set or I'd do 1-Leg Stability Ball Jackknives.

3B) DB Rear-Delt Raise (10 reps) - This would be tough, and I'd use 15 or 20 pound dumbells.

After this intense strength training session, I'd rest 1-2 minutes and then get on the treadmill for intervals.

Interval Workout A

Intervals can't be easy for anyone. For me, I'd run at top speed on the treadmill (12mph), or I'd run the intervals outside.

A beginner might use 3.8mph for walking intervals. Either way, we'd both make it as tough as possible for our own personal fitness levels.

Overall, this workout would be tough. And someone who is fitter than I am would just increase the intensity up to his or her level so they would boost their metabolism to the max and burn fat fast.

Turbulence Training isn't easy, but it works.

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It all comes down to you,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

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Kelley Howard

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Becky said...

Great post, Craig.

I'm really glad you pointed out that you can take a "simple" exercise like a split squat and dramatically increase the intensity by adding more weight. We can also amp up a workout by changing repetitions as you point out in your post, or rest periods, as you point out in your TT book.

I have to smile when I hear after one of my boot camp workouts (after the same class, mind you) that it was "butt kicking" for one participant, and "too easy" for another. Very often it's not an issue of each person's fitness level--it's the amount of exertion (or choice of weight when selecting equipment) each person puts into it. Those that got their butt kicked put their all into it and chose challenging resistance levels.

You've given people an excellent workout program with Turbulence Training. It comes down to personal effort and accountability to work hard in order to get the best results.

Best regards,

Becky Williamson

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Thank you Becky, keep up the great work!

daniel said...

Hi Craige thanks for your inspiration and advise,you have in spired me already,I am nearly 57,164lb,5ft8in,I am reasonably fit,Although I struggle with losing tummy fat,2mths ago I decided to build up my strength and fitness level ,I do 2 bike exercises per wk, swim30x50 mts twice a week and try to do a combination of turbulence exercise twice per week,,one abs 30 min session per wk, I'm finding my joints ,elbows,knees hips are often very stiff and sore,so I am forced to reduce weighs ,My goal is to be as fit as I can,build strong abs as I have had a lower back problem in the past. and also build muscle,for strength and looks,I teach gardening at a Tafe college and am actively involved in the work,I prefer a vegetarian diet,I eat eggs and dairy ,small amounts of tofu ,lots of veg,rolled oats and a raw egg in milk with whey protein powder for breakfast ,am I on the right track ,would you suggest alternative means to achieve my goals, Cheers Dan

Anonymous said...
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Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Hi Daniel, you might want to add fish oil to your diet. Please research that. Also, you will probably benefit from doubling your warm-up time. Check out my youtube channel for warm-up videos at

Naveen Singh Uriyal said...

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