Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Another Airplane Sunday

Another Sunday...another epic fail with airplane transportation...this time, a 5 hour delay on my flight home...but of course, you gotta work with what you're let's review the weekend.

EDIT: Flight now canceled. Staying in Houston overnight. Going to do bodyweight workout in the hotel gym.

DOUBLE EDIT!: The flight is back on...hope to be home by 1am

Started weird...on Thursday I had an US customs officer who just wasn't "getting" what I do and why I would possibly travel to a seminar to go to a meeting. He said...

"If you've been in business for 9 years, why would you need to learn anything else?"

I told him, "I always want to be improving." Just like you, right?

And here's an article that will help you improve your interval workouts with "adrenaline interval training for fat loss"

=> Fat Loss Interval Training

Travel went smooth and I had a great first night at the Lakeway Resort near Austin, Texas.


Spent the day on the lake in Austin. Hanging out with Joel Marion, John Romaniello, Mike Geary, Tim Ferriss, and others. Had an epic tubing battle
with Jeff Siegel, from Got a lot of sun.


I tried out a shakeweight today for the first time. Seriously. I actually thought the Shake Weight was motorized, so i spent 5 minutes looking for the
on/off switch. Turns out YOU do the shaking. Weird. Now off to a real workout with Joelle Marionz, John Romaniello, and Jon Benson.

Update...flight has been cancelled. Uh-oh!

Will update you soon,


PS - Let me know what kind of Turbulence Training workout you'd like to see next...

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