Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Workouts From Canada

This is the week that Canada attacks!

More about the "attack" in a second...but first, I have 3 secrets on how to use bodyweight exercises to build more muscle and burn fat that I used in the new TT Bodyweight Bodybuilding program...

1) Alter the repetition speed

Instead of going up and down as fast as you can with little or no control, in the Bodyweight Bodybuilding workouts you'll see that some exercises are done fast and others are done slow to maximize the fat burning, muscle building response you get from each movement.

2) Alter the repetition style to increase the amount of tension on the muscle

By incorporating movements like "one and one-half reps", we can take a good leg exercise and turn it into one of the most effective leg exercises available - with or without weights. You'll be shocked by how this one little change can at least double your results.

3) Maximize the tension through biomechanical changes in traditional exercises

By leaning forward, using one limb instead of two, slightly altering the body's position from a traditional exercise, and by strategically arranging exercises in "secret combinations", we can "trick" the body into giving you more results without piling on the weights.

That means you can transform your body anywhere, anytime.

I use all three of these secrets to get you MORE results with less time - and NO weights - in the new Bodyweight Bodybuilding program.


You can only get Bodyweight Bodybuilding as part of an exclusive collection of workouts from Canadian trainers that are being given away for Vince Del Monte's Birthday Bash here:

=> http://www.WorkoutsFromCanada.com

In addition to Bodyweight Bodybuilding created by yours truly, you'll also get 4 other workout programs from Canada's top fitness experts, including:

1) "No-Nonsense Muscle Building" DVD's from "Canada's Cover Model" Vince Del Monte

2) "No-Nonsense 6-Pack Abs" DVD's from "Canada's Cover Model" Vinny D

3) "Classified Muscle Building: Biceps, Triceps, Forearms" from "The Undercover Canadian & Mad Scientist" Nick Nilsson (former Canuck now living in the USA & inventing crazy new exercises every week!)

4) "Hard-core Muscle Building" from the "Canadian Colossus", Lee Hayward, a soft-spoken muscle building giant from Newfoundland

That's right, it's time for us four Canadians to invade the fitness world with our workouts and exercise secrets...

Click here to get all of these workouts PLUS some NUTRITION bonuses from our American friends:

=> http://www.WorkoutsFromCanada.com

In case you're wondering why Canada is "attacking" this week, the answer is that it's all Vince's fault.

You see, it's Vince's 30th birthday this week, and for the last 7 months he's been asked over and over again about when he is going to make his cover model workout DVD's available again.

(After all, the first 500 copies sold out in less than 4 days when he released them in April...Plus, he's giving an extra $50 discount this week only...so they'll probably SELL OUT faster.)

With our "Canadian Workouts" and American nutrition plans, you'll get a jump-start on your fitness results in 2010 by getting a proven system for building muscle and burning fat.

That is my Canadian-strength promise to you.

Oh Canada,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
"Captain Canada" and Author, TT Bodyweight Bodybuilding

PS - I even convinced Vince to create a special DVD for you...

...called, "A Day in the Life of Vince Del Monte".

You won't want to miss this. Trust me. I've had the chance to hang out with Vince in California, Las Vegas, Toronto, and Orlando, and I've even met his girlfriend and his amazing parents.

Vince is a lot of fun and a class act. You'll get a kick out of this bonus video showing you how to live the fitness lifestyle to the fullest.

This will be the most fun you've had with a fitness expert ever, I promise...

Click here to get Vince's bonus video, all the crazy Canadian workouts, and special nutrition bonuses:

=> http://www.WorkoutsFromCanada.com

And remember, you have Vince's Canadian-strength 60-day guarantee that you will totally love these workouts and nutrition information.

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