Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Hanukkah Gift from TT - The TT 2K10 Workout

My Jewish chiropractor celebrated Hanukkah on the weekend, so to celebrate here on TT Members, I've added the 2k10 program a little early.

=> Click here to download TT 2K10

The best fat burning workout techniques from 2009 perfectly blended together to give you a 4-workout program plus 2 off-day recovery sessions.

If you want 4 fat burning workouts plus your off-day workouts designed for you, then you're going to love the TT 2K10 fat burning workout program.

You'll get a research-proven tougher form of interval training, plus kettlebell exercises, tough bodyweight manipulations, advanced total-body ab exercises, and more mini-circuits than ever before to give you the ultimate body and fat burning workout to kick off 2010 - and to have your best year ever.

BONUS - You'll also get the Turbulence Training 12-Step Nutrition Guide and Calorie Calculator to help you figure out how many calories, how much protein, and which foods to eat this year to burn belly fat.


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