Monday, September 14, 2009

Total Body Transformation

I've been doing a lot of off-day athletic movement training and stretching and its really been helping to overcome old injuries and so I had a good workout today...

1) Power Clean - 3x5

2A) Bench - 215x7
2B) Front Squat - 2x6

3A) BW Rows - 3x30
3B) Leg Curls - 2x12
3C) DB Close Grip Press - 80x3x8

That's it, gotta run,



Anonymous said...

Question Craig.

Do you count calories? If so do you happen to know about how many you take in a day for maintenance and when trying to put weight back on?


Lincoln Bryden said...

Love that workout. I needed to change my routine so this ticks all the boxes. Thanks