Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Deadlift Workout

Went to the Doctor for a check up today...he said all the blood work looked good, my Vitamin B12 was normal, and my HDL cholesterol was 42% better than normal - it was 1.42 - does anyone know what that is in "American numbers"?

Anyways, after that I went to the gym and did...

1) Lunge Jumps - 4x12

2) Deadlifts - 2x8

3A) Military Press - 3x5
3B) BB Lunge - 2x10

4A) Seated Row - 2x10-15
4B) DB Triceps Ext - 2x12

I also grew an inch.

For about 16 years I've always thought I was 5'8". Turns out I'm 5'9".

So there you go,


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Anonymous said...

Grew an inch!? Boy, Craig. You never show us in your workout routines "hang upside down from pullup bar", but I guess it works!


Anonymous said...

1.42 mmol/L for an HDL is the same as 54.83 mg/dl (American units).

An HDL of 1.42 mmol/L is awesome!

Royster said...

Craig - I can't register for the Contest through Clickbank! (It's probably because I'm posted overseas in a high-fraud area.) I'm still took the pics; I'm not letting that stand as an excuse to keep from regaining what's mine! 500!