Friday, February 27, 2009

7-Day Diet Plan for Fat Loss

Lots of exciting stuff in this week's 7-Day Diet Plan for Fat Loss. We're going to cover the latest diet study (with hidden messages), cool TT2K9 workouts, the 3 foods you can't eat, the truth about Starbucks and red bulls, and a link to me flexing my guns...

Allright, lets get started helping you burn fat!

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Monday – March 2
So the latest diet study came out, and the researchers are saying...

"It doesn't matter what type of diet you use...they all work."

Okay, cool...but there are two more important hidden lessons the researchers gave us...

1) You simply need to find the right diet for your could be 6 meals per day or Brad Pilon's Fasting Program. Just choose whatever you can stick to...

2) Social support determines your success! The study found that the more often a subject attended counseling sessions, the greater their success. So don't try and do this on your own. Get help. Hang out with friends who will support you.

Now to review Workout A of TT2K9
1A) DB Chest Press (8)
1B) DB Row (12)

2A) Chin-up (6)
2B) KB 1-Arm Shoulder Press(8)

3A) Decline Close-Grip Pushup (15)
3B) Inverted Row (15)

4A) KB 1-Arm Swings (30s/side)
4B) Run in Place (30 seconds)

Do something fun for your 30 minutes activity...heck, you could laugh 30 minutes straight at these pictures of me flexing in my living room...

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Now for the TT Workout B 2K9. Another classic lower body-abs session.

1A) DB Split Squat (8)
1B) Stability Ball Rollout (8)
2A) DB RDL (10)
2B) X-Body Mountain Climber (10)
3A) KB or DB Swings (45 secs)
3B) Stability Ball Jackknife (15)

Interval Workout #1

That's a cool program...and so is my latest workout.

1A) Rtr Cuff Warmup
1B) Narrow Squat (3 RM)
2A) Military Press
3A) DB Bulgarian Split Squat
3B) Abs

Another day of 30 minutes of fun, easy activity. But more importantly, the 3 foods you must NOT eat if you want to lose fat.

1) Processed foods from a bag or a box. For example, avoid breakfast cereal - some give you the same amount of sugar as you get from a can of Coke!

2) Carbohydrate snacks (Seriously, who has ever been satisfied by a granola bar? No one! They just make you want more!)

3) Liquid calories - But you already knew that, right? Well if so, why are you still sucking back all that sugar each morning with a glass of OJ?

Let's take a look at TT 2K9 Workout C...It's the "so-famous-its-infamous" 10x10 Dumbbell Complex.

1) DB Bulgarian Split Squat
2) DB Shoulder Press
3) DB Step-up
4) DB Chest Press
5) DB Row
6) DB Lunge
7) DB Swing
8) DB Shrug
9) DB Incline Press
10) DB Squat

Time for Social Support Saturdays.

If you skipped the 10x10 but want a challenge to do with a friend, check out the latest 300 workout version I filmed.

Click here for a home gym 300

Take a couple of hours to plan, shop, & prepare. Wash everything, cook up some stuff, make some chili or stew. Get prepared.

And now for the truth about caffeine...on the call, I reveal that a Grande Starbucks contains 330 mg of caffeine...that's equal to MORE than 4 Red Bulls. C'mon! Do you need that? I don't want to hear you "crashing" on a caffeine come-down. So keep your intake low...remember - caffeine is a drug!

Next week!
• More transformation tips
• March Madness Circuits
• Diet tips

Now go burn some fat this week,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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Anonymous said...

Hi Craig,

I totally agree with you that social support is a must. Going through a weight loss/fitness program is a thousand times more difficult when you have to do it alone.

I've found its a lot more fun when I share ideas with friends/family and through online social communities like forums, Facebook, twitter, etc. Also, blogging about weight loss really helps too.

And one more thing, cutting out processed foods like you suggest has helped me immensely! I make a solid effort to eat more natural foods and cut out anything out of a box. Its made losing weight so much easier.

Thanks for the great post,


Anonymous said...

hi craig! i totally agree with you regarding processed food and the TT workouts...i also agree with you regarding shade grown coffee...if you want to integrate healthful coffee into your program...thats the way to go...antioxidants and full of health benefits..check out the research! lets really look at the data and be honest about a reasonable amount of coffee in our diets!

Anonymous said...

G'day Craig,

Very simple but effective. Chuck the Weet-bix out, chuck the OJ out, eat fruit and nuts instead of muesli bars (granola bars).

I do hate it when people aka (Phyl)spam their sh*t about the latest crap on your blog. It really gets under my skin. There! I have said it.
Keep it up bro and tell us more about creatine in a future blog please

Craig Ballantyne, CTT, Certified Turbulence Trainer said...

Thanks Tim, will do a special on creatine!

Brandon Jubar said...

Hi Craig,

I agree that you need to avoid the processed foods, but when you work long hours and your spouse does most of the cooking, you don't always have total control. Argue all you want about sacrificing health for convenience, but bringing my family around to a healthier way of eating has been a long, slow process.

However, it can be done and should be done. Simply eating different food than your family so that you can lose weight is not the best choice. If you eat together, then you need to change together. It's healthier for your family and will make your changes last in the long run.

Train hard and pray harder,
Brandon Jubar

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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