Monday, December 26, 2016

14-day diet to fight holidays and hangovers

Okay. It's over. For most of us.

Now, unlike me, you might have a social life and actually have plans for New Year's. smiley

But for most people, the holidays are done.

It's time to get back on track.

That's why we've already had hundreds of people jump into our latest TT Transformation Contest before the average person's New Year's Resolutions are officially made.

However... I've heard from hundreds of TT readers and...

You still need more nutrition help.

Well, I've got the solution.

Yesterday I reviewed the best post-holiday Detox programs, and I'm super-excited to tell you that my friend, Erin Neilsen, has the absolute best one for you.

Plus, it's the quickest and easiest to follow.

With Erin's program, you'll look and feel 10 years younger in just days.

Erin's an anti-aging nutrition expert and has worked with thousands of people all around the world to get slim and sexy.

(Speaking of which, if you DO have New Year's plans, Erin's program will make you look even better in that sexy outfit you have planned.)

Here's what Erin's 14-Day "Youth Method" Detox will do for you:

  • Burn off up to 15 pounds
  • Fight aging, diabetes, obesity, and autoimmune disorders
  • Soothe achy joints
  • Help you fall asleep quicker and easier so that you wake up feeling refreshed
  • Give you all-day vibrant energy
  • Boost your friskiness (okay, I mean sex drive, but the word "frisky" makes me giggle)
  • And make you LOOK and FEEL 10 years younger

Interested in having any of this happen in your life?

I know I am. (What? I like to look young and frisky!)

Alright, so let's do this.

Get the Youth Method 14-Day Detox here and turn back the clock tonight

And keep on turning it back every day for the next two weeks.

Talk soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - Let me know how New Year's goes!

I'll be asleep by 9. Ha!

(I'm totally serious by the way.)

PPS - Here I am with Erin and Isabel De Los Rios at our annual Toys for Tots event in Denver...

... now listen, I'm way out of my league with these two, but I'm proud to say we're all over 40, and we all look like college kids.

Ok, maybe I don't, but I can't believe Erin and Isabel are over 30, let alone over 40!

Then again, they are the nutrition experts with the anti-aging secrets.

Get her detox here and turn back the clock today

Cb with erin   isabel


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