Monday, August 25, 2014

This Move Burns 13.3 Calories Per Minute

There's ONE move that works 9 muscle groups and burns 13.3 calories at the SAME time...and that means BIG TIME fat loss.
Daniel Woodrum, a celebrity kickboxing trainer in South Carolina uses this move with his A-list clients, including Darius Rucker (aka "Hootie" from Hootie and the Blowfish).

This one move works your abs really hard and whittles down your waistline rather than building it up like side bends or sit-ups. Plus, it helps you stand up straight and gives you sleek, sexy posture.

Daniel also puts a unique "twist" on this move and combines it with NO-equipment fat burning intervals so that you burn a whopping 13.3 calories per minute. That means you'll burn 400 calories in just 30 minutes! Try this free sample workout.

The 9-Muscle Move Fat Burning Workout

Perform the 3 exercises as many times as possible in three minutes without any rest. After three minutes is up, rest 45 seconds and repeat once more. After doing Round 1, rest one minute and move to Round 2. Do the same for Round 2 before moving on to Round 3.

Round 1 
  • Squat to Punch - 10 Reps
  • "T" Pushups - 6 Reps Per Side
  • Reverse Lunge To Front Kick - 10 Reps Per Side
Round 2 
  • Ali Shuffle with arms straight overhead - 30 Reps
  • The 4 Punch plus 2 Knee Combo - 10 Reps
  • Close Grip Pushups with a 2 second pause in bottom position - 6 Reps
Round 3: The "AB Knockout" Round

Do this round as many times as possible in 6 minutes...
  • Side Plank Punches - 12 Reps Per Side
  • Total Body Extensions - 12 Reps
  • Cross Body Mountain Climbers w/ 2 Second Pause - 12 Reps
  • Burpee plus 4 Punch Combo - 6 Reps
  • Rocking Plank with Feet Elevated - 12 Reps
There is no equipment required and Dani shows you all of the exercises in video format here:

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It's no wonder Dani's clients get amazing results like this:
  • Amanda lost 6 inches in just a month...
  • Tiffany lost 23 pounds in 60 days
  • Billy lost a whopping 56 pounds
Daniel's approach lets you burn fat while you are unleashing stress at home with fun and fast workouts.
Burn fat and reduce stress with this awesome workout,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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burn calories - plank said...

i was thinking of doing 1 min normal plank, 1 min of side to side plank, 1 min of normal plank 2 times a day. how long until i would start seeing results?