Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jump rope workout

It's the #1 piece of equipment that lean and slim men and women use on a consistent basis. And it burns 19 calories a minute to flatten your tummy and even get you ripped abs like a boxer.
Last week I used the jump rope while staying at my friend's villa just outside of Spolento, Italy. It was an amazing minimal equipment workout. Here's a sample workout using the MOST affordable fat burning tool around:

Workout 5 - Jump Rope Bodyweight Blast

Set your timer for 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds transition:

Jump rope - 2 overhead squats + 2 jumps - Hold the rope overhead to do 2 squats, do 2 jumps, one side swing to get the rope over head to repeat

Jump rope - lateral hops + burpee - Jump 5 hops to one side, burpee, return to center, go to the other side, burpee.

Jump rope - Double under side swing - Swing the rope to each side, then do a single jump then double under.

Jump rope - Push up jump - Do 2 push ups, whip the rope under, do 4 jumps

Jump rope - Burpee whip - Do a burpee with the rope in front, whip the rope under the feet, then jump.

Jump rope - Double bounce - Jump twice when the rope comes around once

Jump rope - 2 reverse lunge 2 backwards jumps - Hold the rope in front on the ground, do a reverse lunge on each foot followed by 2 backward jumps

Jump rope - Spider crawl jump - Do a spider crawl to each side, whip the rope under then jump.



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Craig Ballantyne, CTT
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PS - Here are some photos from my Italian vacation...
Started the day with an amazing workout soundtrack of roosters crowing and dogs barking while I did 250 pushups (regular, decline, close-grip) and Pull-up Maximus (20 seconds pullups, 10 second hold top position x 2 rounds) and Chin-Up Maximus (same). Crazy tough challenges! (6 photos)

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