Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My 21st TT Transformation Contest Entry of 33,333 bodyweight reps

While I was in Europe I did a lot of bodyweight training. I also was pushed by my training partners, Simon Black and Julian M. to think bigger and get outside of my comfort zone.

I thought I was pushing myself with bodyweight exercises before.

But I wasn't.

Now I see what I'm capable of doing.

And now I'm laying down a bodyweight gauntlet.

Some of these numbers might seem really hard or really easy to you.

Each of us has our strengths and weaknesses.

Honestly, I'm not great at pullups (max = 15) or Handstand Pushups (max = 4). Even my regular pushups only amount to a max set of 54 these days.

I can do 201 straight bodyweight squats in 5 minutes.

I once did a set of 21 straight chinups.

My bodyweight rows are another weakness.

Burpees...I rarely do them. That's going to change!

So...we shall see how I improve.

It works out really well, too, because I have a LOT of travel coming up in the next few months...and frankly running out to a gym from a hotel eats up a lot of my time.

I'll still get under the bar 2x's per week, but the rest of the time I'll be mastering my bodyweight with the basics.

Maybe someday I'll take the Craig Mitch bodyweight challenge...but for now, it's 33,333 reps in...

12 weeks:

15,000 Bodyweight Squats
10,000 Pushups
3,000 Bodyweight Rows
2,000 Pullups
1,500 Burpees
1,500 Chinups
333 Handstand Pushups

= 33,333 reps

Oh, and let's add...

84,000 crunches. <= Just kidding.

It starts tomorrow, Thursday, Aug 21st.


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