Thursday, August 28, 2014

1000 rep bodyweight workout

Whew. I got whooped today.

It was a new Bodyweight 1000 program. I'll give you some of it, but it's going to be refined and polished up a bit to become part of the October TT WOM which will be "The TT Bodyweight 5K" (5000 reps over the course of a month). It's going to be a blast.

It's 4 rounds of 250 reps right will be Workout B of the new program. It's a LOT of dense lower body work and spaced-out upper body training that is skill development for moderate pull-up folks like myself.

Box Jumps, Pullups, Squats, Pushups, Chins, Rows, and more.

It was 1000 reps in 44:27. I'm going to put a 45 minute time limit on the workout. If it's not finished, you come back and do the rest later in the week.

I added a lot of reps to my 33,333 12-week goal.

Exercise   -    Reps added
Pull-up - 20
Squat - 500
Pushup - 180
Chins - 20
Rows - 100
Burpee - 20
Handstand Pushup - 14 (not in the 1000, did extra)

Full program next month!

Speaking of skill development, here's one way to build up with pushups:

Q from Penny Gostlin Spickard: I still do a modified pushup because I am unable to do the regular. How soon should I progress to the regular? Does it matter to stay with the modified version??


You can do a 3-second lowering of the full pushup. Then use modified to push back up. Once you can do that with control, move to a 5-second lowering. By then you should be able to do 1 regular pushup. Once you can do 1 regular pushup, do that and the rest of the set using the 5s down and modified up. Build up from there.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Look at every small victory as a step ahead, even when you lose the battle. There will be days that you eat 3 cookies after dinner. Consider it a victory that you stopped before having the 4th. It truly is a win. Next time, you'll only have two. Eventually you'll be able to have one and leave a full plate for others to share.

You CAN - and will - develop the discipline over time. Do not expect it to come all at once. That's okay. We are all imperfect humans…but we are also capable of making great changes. It does take time to establish new and improved habits. But we can do it. So never, ever quit on what is important to you. Never stop on your commitment to getting better.

Plan for the obstacles. Prepare 2 solutions for every problem. Get social support. Be accountable to a friend. Set the rules for your life that will dictate the need for better habits. And implement them every day. You can do it. You CAN change. I believe in you. Let's do it!

Push on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - Trainers...

If you want to take your business online, read this 4-step plan for success:

PPS - You've won... the past and you'll win again. You know how to succeed. Take this new goal seriously. Get support. Prepare your plan. Lets go!

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