Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Fix Your Shoulders and Avoid these Exercises

What a great (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend. The weather
was perfect for walking ol' Bally the Dog and my family whipped
up another amazing meal.
My mom and my sister are the type that watch 2 hours of the Food
Network every day, and somehow they managed to make beets and
turnips taste fantastic. I was even looking forward to leftovers.
But that wasn't all that made it a great weekend. On Sunday morning
I hit the local gym for a Meathead workout including my favorite
superset, Deadlifts and Military Presses.
But while I was there it was like being in a world where 
everyone was purposely using bad form.
99% of the people in the gym were doing their exercises WRONG.
They did bodybuilder bench presses, narrow-grip upright rows (with
a Smith Machine - talk about MURDER on your shoulders), bench 
dips (another rotator cuff KILLER), and wide-grip behind-the-neck
lat pulldowns.
And you know what's really embarrassing?
I made all the same mistakes as a teenager. That's why I've had over
a decade of shoulder problems. (Made worse by sports injuries, too.)

Check out the quiz on that page and find out how you can protect
your shoulder joint and be injury-free. If you can't pick-up your
young children or put dishes into the overhead cupboard, you 
need a solution to your shoulder pain, and you'll get it here.
Don't make the same mistakes I made.
Train safe,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - Tomorrow, the 16-minute metabolic workout that I promised you.
Until then, take this 30-second survey to save your shoulders from injury.
Rick Kaselj is "Mr. Injury Rehabilitation"and I guarantee you
he has the fix for what ails your joints.

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