Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chest-Back-Shoulders Workout

The year was 1993. Grunge was in and my Friday night beer-drinking
jeans were ripped and torn. Sometimes I even wore a flannel jacket
to bush parties.

At the local weight room, a Pearl Jam CD was played loud and
excessively during my meathead workouts. I had just "graduated"
from training in my parent's basement with a Universal weight set
(while listening over-and-over to a tape of Nirvana's Nevermind).

By the time I was ready for college in 1994, I was able to bench
225lbs for 2 reps. Notta too bad, but no world record either.

Unfortunately, two years of "bodybuilding bench pressing" and a
hockey-related injury had left me with chronic pain in my shoulder
. For the next four years it would come-and-go during my
college career.

Like most kids, I went through "phases" in college. While other
kids experimented with "funny stuff", I experimented with different
workout methods. My shoulder would get better when going through a
bodyweight and intervals phase, but would get worse when I returned
to my bodybuilding roots.

Finally, just after graduating (6 years later!) with a Masters Degree
in Exercise Physiology, my shoulder had had enough of heavy
bench pressing.

And so I did something radical.

I stopped benching.

For 3 months I did no pressing movements. Instead, I doubled up on
wide-grip rows, DB rows, rear-delt raises, regular seated rows, and
all of the meatheadish upper back exercises I could think of.

It worked. Now that still wasn't the best approach for fixing a
shoulder injury. If you need help, go here:

Fix Your Shoulder Pain Fast

That said, it was the start of incredible 6-year run that helped me
build my bench press up to the following personal bests in 2006 (at
a bodyweight of a lean 190 pounds):

a)    I was able to do 275 pounds for 3 reps
b)    My best 1-rep max ever was 310 pounds

And I'm about to give you the best program I ever used for
accomplishing this. Hold tight

Unfortunately, my training partner and I could no longer lift at
the same time, and I've lost some of that strength over the years.
In 2008, I had some pectoral muscle strains (since fixed) and then
last December my shoulder got injured again while competing in...get
this...a silly push-up contest. Ridiculous.

Fortunately, the shoulder is 90% back to normal thanks to
professional help. However, my bench press is pathetic. My 1RM
is less than 255 pounds.
But I have a plan to get strong again. It's the workout that I used
back in the day to get strong in the first place.
And if you want to get strong - or if you need to fix your shoulder
pain - then here's what you need to do:

Step #1 - Get this program to Fix Your Shoulder Pain

Step #2 - Email your receipt to
and we'll send you a FREE copy of my TT for Meatheads Bench Press
program. This contains the best training plan that I used to build
my bench press (and get strong in other lifts).

It's that easy to get safe and strong with that 1-2 punch.

Looking forward to hearing about your success with the weights.

Start here by getting the Shoulder Pain Solution program

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Train hard but safe but hard,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
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