Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bally's update

Woof! Woof! 
Ol' Bally the Dog here with today's update...I'm going in for surgery
on my poor lil' infected paw (yes, it does hurt to type this) today, and
so I wanted to send you some good news before Mr. FeedsMe
takes me to the vet.
Here it is...
If you like carbs...

...then you and I have something in common.
But we also want to get lean and stay lean (after all, I want to keep
my 6-pack doggy abs, but I'm not giving up my morning banana).
So here's how you can...

Have your carbs and lose fat, too

You see, I'll be tucking into some extra carbs and treats after my
surgery on Friday while I sit around and try not to lick my paw (I
sure hope I don't have to wear a CONE! Please, no cone!)

Fortunately, I'm a smart ol' poochy pooch and I know a doggy trick
about how to eat lots of carbs and still stay lean.

So now you need to join me...go here and find out a Human-trick
on how to have your carbs and eat them, too (while losing fat).

Get lean with YUMMY carbs

Some humans like pancakes, others love cereal, biscuits, or cinnamon
french toast. Everyone has their favorite breakfast carbs. It's up to you
to enjoy them and to get lean. 
Frankly, I'm happy stealing any carbs I can get my paws on. But usually
I just get fruit in addition to my Orijen wheat-free dog food. Woof, woof.
That's why I'm one of the few chocolate labs that still has 6-pack abs,
even though I'm almost 7 years old (over 47 in dog years!).
But sometimes, when I pretend to be good and I fool Mr. FeedsMe, he
gives me some wheat-free doggy treats from The Stratford Barkery.
Bark bark! *wags tail*
And so I'll be working my puppy-dog-eyes super hard on Friday,
pretending that my life is so hard as I recover from surgery, that I'm
sure to be given extra cookies. 
But no matter what I get, we'll both know how to stay lean, as long as 
you use this Carb Solution System.
Woof Woof,
Bally the Dog
Certified Dog, Level 5
PS - Say a lil' puppy-prayer for me and my surgery.
Woof woof *lick* wag-wag-wag.

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