Saturday, October 13, 2012

Craig vs. Roman

Today I'm speaking at the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology
meeting in Regina, Saskatchewan, along with Alwyn Cosgrove 
and Dr. John Berardi.
But my most infamous collaboration in the past has been with 
New York City's hottest personal trainer, John Romaniello. In
2010 we began creating the advanced fat burning workout series,
TT Clash of the Titans.

These workouts combine the best of Romaniello's fat burning methods
PLUS all the classic - and research proven - workout techniques
you've come to expect from Turbulence Training. Simply put, these
advanced workouts are guaranteed fat burners.

But as the word "exclusive" suggests, not everyone has been
fortunate enough to get these..


That's because these unique programs - that build muscle and burn
fat at the SAME time - have only ever been made available,
individually, as bonuses accompanying other programs.

Not anymore...

Now you can take advantage of a NO-BRAINER DEAL and get the first
THREE TT Clash of the Titans workouts for just 7 dollars

(Previously these three workouts would have cost you over $201. And
frankly, I think this deal is worth it just for the workout artwork alone.)
Think about it... you essentially get 3 full months of workouts from
two awesome trainers - sorry, not feeling humble today ;) - and you
pay just a 7 measly dollars for all of this, including:

TT Clash of the Titans I

The main reason "Clash of the Titans" even started was because good
my friends, and fat loss experts, John Romaniello and Joel Marion
created a workout program that I thought could be made even better...

... and so that's what I set out to do with the original TT Clash workout.
It was "lil' ol' me" vs. "The Titans, Joel Marion & John Romaniello".

You'll use a 25-day program with an intense 5-day cycle, including a
metabolic circuit day, a bodyweight-intervals day, a strength day,
another metabolic circuit day, and then a bodyweight-intervals circuit day.

Clash of the Titans 2: Ballantyne Strikes Back

After the smashing success of the original advanced "Titans"
workout, Romaniello and I paired up once again in Ballantyne
Strikes Back
. Sure Romanz gets the first - and second - laugh in
this workout program, but I get the devastating final one.

Workout A: Enter the Roman

Romaniello kick-starts the battle with an exhausting workout that
features three density challenges, not to mention a tough upper
body superset sandwiched in the middle to give you an extra fat
burning kick in the butt.  

Workout B: Attack of the Roman

This time Romaniello throws down the fat burning gauntlet and
challenges you to a new style of metabolic resistance training that
includes circuits, trisets, and timed challenges.

Workout C: Ballantyne Strikes Back

Finally, I get a chance to punish you with a total body workout,
featuring the Big 6, the Big 3, and the Beach-Body Triset, all
using a taste of Romanz' own medicine.

Clash of the Titans: World War III

The third round of the fat burning fight features The Romanz
exacting his revenge and enjoying what he thinks is the last laugh
on all of us.

The good news is that despite cursing The Romanz throughout these
workouts, you're going to burn a LOT of stubborn body fat from
specific body parts. Here's a peak of the program...

Workout A: Romanz puts you through a Density superset, followed by
a twist on lunges and rows you won't soon forget.

Workout B: Upper Body Annihilation... with squeeze presses and
rolling triceps.

Workout C: Total body metabolic carnage.

Workout D: Pure, unadulterated evil with a barbell.

Simply put, all three "Clash of the Titans" workouts are advanced
for a reason - they'll shred unwanted body fat and build lean, sexy
muscle fast.

Going, Going, Gone

Like I said before, these workouts are NOT available anywhere, and
even if they were, you'd have to pay at least $29.95 per workout. But by
taking action right now, you'll get all three workouts (from two of
the top fat loss experts in the world), for just $7, saving you over
90% off the regular price in the process.
Get these lean sexy body workouts for $7 here
Then get lean and sexy with the Titans of Fat Loss,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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