Thursday, October 04, 2012

21 days to bigger arms (free workout)

This past weekend my good friend Ben Pakulski lived his dream
and competed against the 19 biggest and baddest bodybuilders in
the world.
Ben and I used to train at the same gym in Toronto and I am 
really proud of him. He's one of the nicest, most focused guys
you will ever meet...always willing to go out of his way to 
help men and women improve their bodies by giving advice.

Ben placed an impressive 11th place in his Olympia debut in
Vegas last Saturday. I grew up paying attention to that contest
and it's so cool to know someone personally that competed.
Ben is a bodybuilder I respect. They ain't so bad after all. ;)
And to celebrate, Ben is giving you ANOTHER full blown
program, "The REAL Arm Blaster Workout: 21 Days To Bigger
Arms" when you grab his proven MI-40 plan this week.

Arnold brought you the original Arm Blaster, now Ben gives you
the 2012 edition based on updated muscle-building research.

This is the workout that Ben used to gain 2 inches on his arms in 3
weeks leading up to the Arnold Classic last March.
So if you want bigger arms or to gain muscle anywhere on your
body, I highly recommend Ben's program and arm training

MI40 System + Bigger Arms *FREE* <-------- today only though

Understand this - these are hardcore arm workouts and are super-short
(20-25 minutes). Plus, they only require a bench and set of dumbbells. 

After tomorrow, however, Ben has informed that the Arm Blaster
workout will never be made available again, even to buy. The ONLY
way you can own it is by picking up the MI40 muscle system during
this special Mr. Olympia Debut Sale.

Get it here:

Get Bigger Arms Guaranteed <-------- today only though

You're going to LOVE this.

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

P.S. If you ordered MI40 yesterday, don't worry.
Ben's going to include this for everyone
who ordered on the first day too.

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