Friday, March 19, 2010

Turbulence Training Gauntlet for Nintendo 8-bit

So many TT readers have been telling me to create a TT game for the Wii...but honestly, I gave up all video games at age 19...once they introduced the 4th button, that was it for me. Too complicated.

And being the kind of guy who goes against the grain, I've decided to create a TT video game for the Nintendo 8-bit...remember the video game thingy you (or your parents) had back in 1989?

That's right, if you remember video games from 1989, you'll love the TT Gauntlet Ebook Cover. I hope I don't get sued for this.

What jokes!

I'm such a dork.

But seriously, this workout is going to be abs are still murdered from the TT Abs Gauntlet from 2 days ago...I feel like I've been shot more times than 50 Cent.

Later today and tomorrow I'm going to do some more Gauntlet workouts and an upper body bodyweight workout of:

1A) Pushups (3xMax)
1B) Pullups (3xMax)
2A) Elevated Pushups (3x20)
2B) Inverted Row (3x20)
3) Kettlebell swings or snatches

Short but sweet.

I'm also interviewing Jason Ferruggia about his super cool new program, "Triple Threat Muscle". It's based on actual studies he did on his ONE has ever done this before.

Very interesting results and wicked awesome new workouts.

But his artwork is no TT Gauntlet,


PS - Toronto/Mississauga TT peeps... of my best friends just opened a "Freshii" restaurant (super healthy food) at the Heartland Town Center - 5955 Latimer Drive Mississauga, beside the "Hockey Life" store - and is giving you 20% off your order between Friday & Sunday...just say you heard about it from "Turbulence Training".

I ate there last night and had the veggie burrito, an apple, water, and got a a frozen yogurt (with crumbled oreo cookie) to go to split in the car with bally the dog. Let me know what you order when you go...Freshii restaurants rock...they are in Toronto and Chicago...and everywhere else soon.


Jason said...

Hey Craig, I have to admit certain things just "hook" me and the cover and title of that program has me hooked. "Fitness Enthusiast need Program Badly" you know what i'm referring to of course?

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Jason - Warrior needs workout - badly!