Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5 Things that do NOT boost your metabolism

The only thing that makes me more frustrated with the fitness industry than watching a trainer show a client bad form or a useless exercise is all the baloney about how you can boost your metabolism.

Listen, NONE of these will boost your metabolism enough to make a difference in your fat loss program:

1) Breakfast
2) Green Tea
3) Drinking cold water
4) Caffeine
5) Protein shakes

But don't worry, there are some fitness secrets that will still have a powerful impact on your metabolism, and they are:

1) Superset training (just found a new study on the weekend to support this...more info to come soon)

2) Interval training

3) Increasing your lean body mass

And just this weekend, Vince Del Monte sent me a report showing you 12 ways to boost your lean mass...and therefore to keep your metabolism running fast.

(NOTE: While Vince lists 12 in the report, I only like 11 of the factors on his list. I'm not a fan of #1, but I really like #3 and #7. And #11 is okay if you're a meathead.)

The GREAT NEWS is that he's giving away the report...so check out 12 ways to boost your metabolism with his 12 anabolic factors here:

=> http://www.maximizeyourmuscle.com/

NOTE: This is not your regular old list of "sets and reps" tips.

Instead, Vince covers every single factor - from your motivation and mindset to your genetics to the science behind building lean mass.

It's an amazing read...you're going to want to spend more than just a few seconds skimming. I recommend getting comfortable with a healthy drink and really getting into it...

And just wait till he gets to page 9 where he uses the analogy of me and him starting a band to show you how you can actually avoid the dreaded plateaus in your training. That Vince guy can be pretty funny sometimes.

Vince is also very passionate, and you can tell he is the son of a pastor, because both he and his father are blessed with the gift of bringing a powerful and important message to their audience with warmth and compassion, and in a style that is entertaining while educating everyone no matter how complex the topic.

I guarantee this report will bring a smile to your face and amazing new inspiration to your fitness program.

You'll discover WHY these 11 factors work, HOW to make them work, and the exact methods (WHAT) you need to use to make them work.

It's a blueprint for Lean Mass Metabolism success.

Again, Vince is GIVING these secrets away to you for the next 3 days, so visit this website to get instant access to his secrets:

=> http://www.maximizeyourmuscle.com/

Enjoy! And let me know what you think about his tips. Again, I don't like the first one...will have to give him a hard time about that next time we train together.

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training


Frank Dobner said...

I really think that the most effective method of weight loss is not to even count on metabolism increases at all.Just count on eating less and let the body do its gig.

Alexander said...

I thinks its about exercise and a balanced diet.