Sunday, March 28, 2010

Triple Threat Muscle Interview

I've been a hard-core student of training for almost 19 years now, and one of the few guys I look up to is my buddy, Jason Ferruggia.

Jay has put even more hours in the gym working with clients than me, and these days he's insanely busy running "The Renegade Gym" in Wachtung, New Jersey (I even fly down there at least twice a year to train and learn from him).

He truly is one of the few fitness experts I trust these days for advanced training advice.

He's also one of the most passionate guys you'll ever talk to when it comes to training and nutrition. Jay would run through a wall in order to learn more secrets to help his clients.

Plus he's a funny guy (we joke around on the call quite a bit) and he's one of my best he's also dedicated to vegan eating as you'll hear on the call when we talk aboot nutrition. (Jay thinks I'm saying "aboot" when I mean about"...thanks to my funny Canadian accent.)

But back to your workouts...

The other week I got Jay on the phone and grilled him about what's working these days to help his male and female clients get lean, build muscle, and achieve what I call, "The Triple Threat" of:

1) Strength
2) Muscle
3) Power

In this free call, you'll discover his advanced strength, muscle, power, and conditioning methods that he uses when he trains his small groups of men and women each night.

So if you're ready for advanced strength training and conditioning secrets, then sit back and listen to this killer call (that also
includes some jokes between me and Jay) where you'll get the real deal on training from a guy who has spent over 15 years training men and women for advanced results.

In this call, Ferruggia tells you:

- Whether you should train 3 days or 4 days per week
- The best way to warm-up for hardcore training
- How he trains the female clients in his gym
- The workout "experiments" he's done on his lab rats
- His favorite diet for fat loss (you'll be surprised)
- Some of the amazing vegan meals he eats
- His favorite post-workout shakes
- The research studies he's done on his clients

And much, much more.

Click here to get access to listen to the call and read the special report summary of our discussion:

=> Jason Ferruggia Interview

I give Jay's info my highest recommendation,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - And yes, Jay has a new program out...

...and it's also called the "Triple Threat" workout program.

You can learn more about it here:


Enjoy the'll love Jay's passion for training, nutrition, and improvement.

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