Monday, March 22, 2010

Personal Trainers Kill Me

I don't know why, but nothing bugs me more than watching an ignorant personal trainer take their client through a dangerous or stupid workout.

Today I watched a trainer put his overweight client through a squat workout. Now squats are generally good, but here's where it got ugly.

First, the client couldn't squat properly so they had to put 5lbs plates under each heel. I don't like that. If you can't squat properly, choose one of the other 75 exercises that will work the lower body.

But it gets worse. Even with the plates under his heels, he still couldn't keep his heels down even when he had 225 pounds on the bar. The squat form was atrocious.

So the logical next step of course?

Another plate on each side, obviously.

And after that, even when the client is complaining of back pain, what's clearly the obvious choice? Another plate. Brilliant move.

(By the way, and you had to be there for this...the client is talking to the trainer about his back and his knees and out of nowhere the trainer looks up from the ground - where he was staring - and says, "Hey, do you know where the nearest Gap is?".

Great to see someone is paying attention and doing their job.

So the overweight guy with terrible squat form and plates under his heels goes on to do a set of these funky 4-inch knee bends with 405 on the bar.

Then they both agreed that it was time to start taking some weight off...

Trainers like these drive me insane.

One day I'll be in an institution thanks to these guys...or my head will explode from from my blood pressure being 1000/600.

And I really couldn't do anything but try and block it out, because today was a squat workout - so lucky me, I got to train beside them.

Today's workout:

1) Jumps - 5x2

2A) Squats
2B) Hanging Leg Pikes

3) RDL's

4) Back Extensions

Decent workout...

Now let's move on to something better...our kick-butt mindset tips for the day...

First...You must be willing to do whatever necessary to succeed.

That means taking personal responsibility for your current status. That means planning and preparing to create a guideline for change. That means setting goals and continuously monitoring your progress towards them. That means helping others so that you in turn h...elp yourself. That means constant
experimentation to find what works for you.

Second, a classic Kekich Credo, #27.

The choice to exert integrated effort or to default to camouflaged laziness is the key choice that determines your character, competence and future. That critical choice must be made continually – throughout life. The most meaningful thing to live for is reaching your full potential.

Today's resource of the day from Kardena Pauza...

...who visited the Natural Health Expo in Cali...

=> 5 Vegan Products Reviewed

That's it for now, have a great day and watch out for silly trainers.


PS - A little vid of home sweet country home for you...

Watch out for the insane dog.

=> Click here for a video of where it all began


Kindenyzer Family Fitness said...

You are exactly correct Craig. Logical move would be to have them focus on functional movement patterns first. Weight bearing exercises do consist of body weight as well. He could have to a progressive approach of having him focus on siting in a chair and getting back up. Then has he gets use to breaking at the hips first he would be moved on to a light bar.

Kindenyzer Family Fitness said...

Pardon some of the spelling is fudged. *sitting instead of siting and *as instead of has.

Laynie - the marketing muscle said...

Trainers who do it wrong. I hate them. Trainers who will kill you? I've had them. Weight overloading on joints that are incapable of supporting them. Been there done that. Now paying the price. Overloading for the sake of building muscle. Now I'm prevented from doing any exercise where I have to support the weight on my shoulder due to spine compression. Squats are difficult due to hips dysfunction but it didn't stop the trainers from overloading them. But you know what annoyed me at the time most ... paying them for 3 pt sessions a week, and having to finish myself off because they were distracted by their kids not having after school care. Their kids were more important than a client on a weights station training. Now I train alone.

andrewjameslowry said...

I am impressed with your patience and restrain not to say anything, at least later to the trainer or his supervisor, especially considering your qualifications.

Aaron said...

I wonder if the trainers at your gym have ever heard of TT? By the way, great interview with JF. Audio went a bit muffled at times, but so much great info was communicated. I had no idea how challenging and awesome ghrs were until today. Thanks.

Frank Dobner said...

I watch one personal trainer at the gym where I workout. He is a really nice kid. He has a great personal rapport with his clients and they love him. But there is a strong co-dependency going on.

The client does not want to work out hard and trainer wants to talk about all of his fitness accomplishments - marathons, 1/2 marathons, about his other clients.

So while they are working out, the trainer is talking about his stuff and client is left off the hook to under-perform.

I just do not understand the fulfillment of being a trainer if the client does not get results.

Maybe I am too idealistic.But I would want real results for my clients.

Aaron said...

I was training beside this lady today who was having a full-on conversation with her trainer about gardening as she was doing reverse lunges. If I was the trainer, I would have told her to shut up and get some work done, but she was actually encouraging the conversation! Brooooooootal.

Daniel Munday said...

That's why I don't like the word, and refer to myself as, a personal trainer.

Too many people have negative experiences.

I'd rather be known as a fat loss specialist or a fitness professional with professional being the optimal word

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

@Andrew - I always debate saying something...

@Aaron - Ha, yeah...I've been fired by clients before for making them use strict form and not talk during exercises. How ironic?

@Laynie - Sorry to hear that...fortunately you can still get great workouts from bodyweight exercises...wishing you well.

@Daniel - I hear ya.

@Frank - I agree with you!

Alexander said...

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