Monday, March 08, 2010

Better than intervals for fat burning?

Hope you had an amazing weekend. I did a couple of kettlebell workouts outside at my parent's farm this shorts, outside in 10-degree celcius (~52 farenheit) sunny spring weather.

Good times.

And I have 3 big TT member updates for you today.

1) The Personal Edition of the TT Bootcamp Manual will be ready next Monday.

That's the 2nd March workout of the month.

2) The first March workout of the month, The TT Big 6 Circuit for Fat Burning, is ready.

The workout and videos have been added to the workout section here:

=> Click here for the workout of the month

This workout has 4-week Beginner AND Advanced its like 2 workouts in 1.

(Plus, I've got my New Orleans Saint's Superbowl champs shirt on in the workout videos, too.)

3) Finally, in this month's call, I interview Alwyn Cosgrove...

...and he shares the workouts he is using to replace interval training for fat loss. A very interesting discussion...

You'll also discover:

- His thoughts on abdominal training that goes beyond planks

- How he uses a method called undulating periodization

- How he beat cancer - twice! - and his workouts that have helped him recover from his stem cell transplant

- His own personal TRX and Kettlebell circuits for metabolic fitness

- Beginner fat loss strategies that don't include cardio OR intervals

- His nutrition principles for fat loss

=> Click here for the "Better than intervals?" interview with Alwyn

Now back to finishing the TT Bootcamps workouts,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, Turbulence Training

PS - We've had quite a few interesting conversations in the nutrition forums as well.

We've been talking about late night eating, avoiding late night munchies, and my thoughts on creatine...

Please stop by and let us know your thoughts too.

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