Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TT European Vacation, Day 1

Alright, I gotta stop staying up all night on my overnight flights to europe...

Got to Paris, got settled in, and started walking the city. Staying in the Republique area, we walked down to the Bastille monument (filmed a TT video there), then down to the Seine river and filmed the September TT workout warmup.

The riverside was amausing to see Parisiennes treating it like a beach.
Then onto Le Louvre, where I filmed a TT interval workout for you.

By that time, I was starting to crash, but after some fruit and water it was on to the Champs d'elysees and l'arc de triomphe. Very interesting.

Toronto could take a few lessons on how to build a better city.

Then over to the Eiffel tower, but just didn't have the stamina to stand in line. Try again tomorrow.

Then wandered around and stumbled into a cafe where I had a 3-cheese pasta. That was rich.

But by the time I finished dinner I was so tired I was starting to hallucinate. I thought I was back on the plane with my ipod earphones taxi time and got back to the hotel around 6pm Paris time (noon back in TO).

Oh, and I brought along a pedometer for fun. During the afternoon I took 21,000 steps for 9 miles.

Back at the hotel I crashed hard. Woke up at 10pm. We went back out and I had grilled vegetables for dinner...spectacular. I've had desserts in North America that weren't as delicious as these vegetables.

Then walked another 3 miles around some neighborhoods and filmed the rest of workout A for september.

So total of 12 miles walked today.

So tomorrow...
- the Eiffel Tower
- notre dame
- montmartre

Not sure what else.

Oh, and definitely some more TT filming,



Amy said...

Enjoy French food, Craig, Brussels and Amsterdam will not be that good foodwise! There you should go for a beer adventure!

Joe Revod said...

Hi Craig,

Wew..nice trip huh?

It's so amazing, during your vacation there, you also doing your workout by walking :)
So inspiring..

I'll do it in my next vacation.

Enjoy Europe!

Joe Revod

Rosa said...

This makes me miss Europe so much! I am pleasantly surprised to hear that you ate pasta. Yay, Craig, Yay!

Know what you mean, bean, about veggies in Europe. Produce in general is awesome outside NA. I still dream about papayas and pineapples from Brazil and mangosteens from Hong Kong!!

You will love the view from the top of Eiffel Tower. I went at night, and it was the most spectacular view I'd ever seen...

Joshua - Truth about Six Pack Abs said...

Oh man I really miss my trip to Europe, I went over to Uk, to Wales, it was great, I participated in a International Choir Competition there as well. You may want to see my blog, Free fitness workouts for beginners