Monday, August 17, 2009

Proven Fat Loss Diet

Everything you need to know about nutrition was taught to you by your mother.

-> Eat more fruits and vegetables.

-> Don't drink soda.

-> Take your own lunch to school or work.

-> Don't spoil your dinner with cookies or other mindless munching.

-> Plan your meals. Avoid fast food.

All those old classics are still great tips today.

But for most folks, we really do know what we need to eat to burn fat, but for some reason we still struggle with it.

In times like these, I always refer people to the type of nutrition and diet guidelines that I now use to help me keep my body fat lower than ever, so I can sport my 6-pack abs year round.

I follow a diet very low in grains, and SUPER-high in fruits and
vegetables, similar to the plan recommended by my friend and diet expert, Isabel De Los Rios.

If you've had enough of the vegetarian diet stuff, you'll be happy to hear from Isabel.

She's all about adding the highest quality meat to your meals to help you eat what you want while getting the results you deserve.

Not only has Isabel helped thousands of men and women to lose belly fat, she also has her own POWERFUL personal story that explains how she overcome BAD diet advice to lose fat and get more energy.

Isabel has more info for you about a diet plan that includes meat at:

=> The New Proven Fat Loss Diet Website

This is the step-by-step nutrition solution you've been looking for.

Use the eating plan that will help you get a flat stomach,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - You MUST download Isabel's Nutrition Guide because it contains:

-> Dozens of online resources to get the best fat burning foods for you and your family

-> Over 61 pages of delicious, yet healthy recipes

-> The controversial metabolic typing test that might be the secret to your dieting success

-> Dozens of pages of meal plans to show you EXACTLY what to eat to burn belly fat

Grab your copy of the Proven Fat Loss Diet here:

=> The New Proven Fat Loss Diet Website

PPS - Let me know if use her program during the next Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.


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