Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Workout Update

Did a couple of morning workouts this weekend, plus lots of long dog walks in and around High Park in Toronto.

On Saturday...

1) Sumo Deadlift (355x4x3)

2A) Pull-Through (3x15)
2B) Cable Abs (3x15)

3A) Back Extension (3x15)
3B) Face Pull (2x15)

Then I worked on the page all day. Finalists will be up Monday morning. Amazing results...two guys losing over 31 pounds, and our first ever woman losing over 21 pounds in just 12 weeks. Amazing!

On Sunday...

1A) DB Press (4x10)
1B) Wide Grip Row (3x8)

2A) DB Incline Press (3x15)
2B) DB Row (4x10)

That was pretty much it.

One more dog walk and then that's it for this weekend's activity.

Make sure to vote on Monday,


PS - Don't forget to listen to this week's TT 7-Day Weight Loss Guide...

...where I cover abs, caffeine, and off-day workouts.

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