Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bally's Christmas Update

Merry Christmas everyone!

Been a crazy couple of days...watched a couple of movies, ate a lot of chocolate, had a great Christmas dinner (and a power nap), hit a Christmas Eve workout, and I am even going to do some "Boxing Day" shopping tomorrow.

Earlier this week I watched "Batman: The Dark Knight". It was as good as folks said it was. In fact, I want to watch it again, and I rarely want to do that. Heath Ledger was also as good as folks said he was...he owned that role.

Yesterday, after I did a great deadlift workout, I watched "Tropic Thunder". It was okay, I'm not a huge Ben Stiller fan, but Tom Cruise saved that movie for me. Good for him for having a sense of humor and playing that character. Les Grossman might be my new favorite movie character. I also watched a bit of Stepbrothers again. That movie was better than expected.

However, what was a smooth Christmas holiday started getting a bit "bumpy" while I watched Tropic Thunder, because I noticed Bally was getting a little stinkier than usual...and when that happens, it often means he'll need to go out in the middle of the night.

Sure enough, at 2:30am he woke me up with his whimpering and pawing at the bedroom door. He sprinted down the stairs, went outside, and got a little relief. I hoped that was it and went back to bed.

But we weren't so lucky. 4:21am, same thing. Okay, I thought, that has to be it. He never needs to go out 3 times. However, 40 minutes later he needed another bathroom break. Oh, and he puked this time too. He had gotten into some left over ribs and swallowed some bones, and puked up some chunks of that. No more bones for him.

This time I suited up and we went for a walk down by the river on my parent's property out in the country. It was kind of eerie being up and walking around in the dark, with only the moonlight off the snow to guide us.

No sign of Santa and his reindeer either. He must already have finished Ontario and moved west.

Finally, we went back inside around 5:45am, and Bally let me sleep till 7:30am. He's been feeling better since, and he had a pretty good Christmas...he got a stocking full of treats.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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