Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Harsh Truth About Nutrition

Over the holidays I found out that the harsh truth about nutrition can even bring down a fitness expert. That truth is, "If its in your house, you're going to eat it."

Fortunately, this one only gets me around Christmas. The rest of the year we keep the piles of chocolate out of the house. But this is a problem I hear from folks everyday during the year.

For one reason (kids) or another (spouse), too many folks have junk food in the house and tempting them everyday. In fact, snacking on this junk food - often between the end of work and dinner time - is what holds people back from success or even causes them to gain more weight.

So here are a few solutions, ranging from the obvious to the devious.

1) Get rid of the junk.

Do you really, really need to have it there in the first place? Don't be afraid to trash it, after all, that's where junk food belongs.

Okay, but if that isn't practical (i.e. the junk food doesn't yours to throw away), what else can you do?

2) Create rituals that help you avoid mindless snacking.

First, you could simply prepare raw, crunch fruits and vegetables to have on hand to snack on rather than the junk food. Every day try to be a little bit better than yesterday. Eventually snacking on raw fruits and vegetables will become a habit, and this one tip should help you lose more than 3 pounds in a month.

Second, brush your teeth. There's nothing like a set of freshly brushed teeth to keep you away from sugary snacks.

Third, keep the treats out of sight to keep them out of mind. Stash them at the back of the top cupboard where you can't just grab and go. Make it difficult to get to.

These three tips will help you leave the holiday eating behind and get you back on track.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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Anonymous said...

I completely agree with this advice, getting rid of everything that brings you down is so refreshing. New start, fresh meals and a fitness routine to stay healthy!