Tuesday, December 02, 2008

5 Ways to Cut Workout Time

You've told me the 2 biggest reasons you stop exercising are:

1) Lack of time
2) Lack of motivation

So let's tackle "Lack of Time" today with 5 ways you can get your workouts done faster. After all, no one should spend more than 45 minutes in the gym three times per week to burn belly fat.

Here are 5 fast ways to cut your workout time.

a) Supersets

By using the "non-competing" supersets in Turbulence Training, you'll get more results in less time than those folks who are wasting their time with machine circuits and isolation exercises like triceps kickbacks or the adductor machine (ewwww!).

b) Choose a better warmup strategy

Don't waste 10 minutes walking on the treadmill. Instead, use the Turbulence Training total body circuit of bodyweight exercises for only 3-5 minutes.

c) Pair dumbbell and bodyweight exercises together in your supersets

This saves you time at home (you don't need to change the dumbbell weight between exercises) and in the gym (you don't need to fight for 2 sets of dumbbells).

d) Choose fat burning intervals over slow, boring cardio

The latest research shows interval trainers burn more belly fat and exercise for half as much time as cardio workouts.

e) Use bodyweight circuits & medicine ball exercises

These workouts require little or NO equipment and you can do them in your bedroom, even if you busier than Santa's elves at this time of year.

In just 15 to 20 minutes you can burn fat in the comfort of your own home before a big holiday event. No more excuses, sorry!

Workout less and live life more,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Don't know where to start?

If you are a beginner, start by reading Dr. Chris Mohr's Turbulence Training Fat Loss Nutrition Guidelines and using the beginner TT workouts in the Fat Loss manual.

Nutrition changes can help beginners lose 5-10 pounds in a week, but a beginner doesn't need advanced workouts right away. Start with the TT workouts that I've used with men over 300 pounds and beginner women from 16-75.

If you are more advanced, it's best to start with the Intermediate Level TT workouts. Trust me, that workout can be made as hard as you can handle, no matter how fit you think you are.

After burning belly fat with that program, move onto the Original TT workout and follow the 16-week advanced program right through till you've lost 10, 15, 20 pounds or more.

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