Friday, December 19, 2008

7 Days of Christmas Fat Loss

Less than a week till Christmas, but here are 7 days of fat loss tips to get you through the holidays.

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(<= Looks like someone didn't like their new sweater!)

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But if you're not big on listening to my voice, here's a summary of the most important tips...

Monday, Dec 21
I added a cool new video on how to do more pull-ups to youtube. It's free, but the info is priceless if you are struggling to do your first pullup or chinup.

Click Here to watch the Evolution of Pullups

Tuesday, Dec 22
If you need help sticking to your diet, I highly recommend using Yeah, I know, it sounds goofy, but it works. Go there, signup, and start posting your meals.

Also, go to and follow me to see what I'm eating. Drop me a line and I'll reply to you and introduce you to all of my "twitter followers" who will then follow you and motivate you and encourage you to eat for your goals. And you'll eat better because you won't want to embarrass yourself by posting a meal that shows you went off track.

Wednesday, Dec 23
Here's a cool exercise from my current workout called the Pullthrough. Yes, it looks weird but its great for guys and gals.

Click here to watch the Cable Pull Through

Have yourself a Merry lil' Christmas. And have yourself a reward meal. But just remember this tip from Jersey John Alvino, one of my favorite fat loss experts..."once you get up from the table from your reward meal, consider it OVER! No going back for 2nd's."

I also recommend planning to reward yourself with your favorites. Don't waste calories on low-quality treats. When you reward yourself, I want you to really enjoy it! That will allow you to be GUILT-FREE over the holidays.

Time to start the 4th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest!

The next 12 weeks are going to fly by. Don't miss the past winners for inspiration:

Click here to see men lose over 31 pounds of fat and for women to look 15 years younger

I also covered supplements on this call. Here are my favorites for:

o Muscle Building: Creatine; protein (optional); chocolate milk (a good source of extra calories)

o Health: Fish oil; green tea; vitamin C

Fat Loss - nothing works!

I want you to discover everything you can about your body. The more you know about how your body reacts to different foods, stress, exercise, and sleep, the better you will be able to choose the right diet and workout.

Research shows that folks who kept a 3 week food log lost an extra 3.5 pounds, so use one of these websites to record your diet:

Next week: The TT New Year's Edition!

Merry Christmas,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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