Saturday, December 27, 2008

4 Turbulence Training Workout Reviews for You

In this week's free Turbulence Training audio call, you'll discover...
- how to do fat burning workouts in a busy gym
- my #1 Turbulence Training tip for a beginners
- a sneak way to snack better for weight loss
- the fat loss SECRET
- how to do Turbulence Training in a busy gym
- 2 of the 7 hottest trends in fat loss for 2009
- my fat burning New Year's wish for you!
The call also includes 4 free workout summaries as well...

Or read the tips below...


Let's take a closer look at Turbulence Training Intermediate Workout A.

1A) DB Split Squat (8 reps)

1B) DB Incline Press (8 reps)

2A) Stability Ball Leg Curl (15)

2B) Pushup [Kneeling] (15 reps)

3A) Stability Ball Jackknife (10)

3B) DB Rear-Delt Raise (10 reps)

Beginner Interval Workout A

You can do this workout in a busy gym. In superset #1, you can use the same dumbbell weight for both exercises. In superset #2, add reps to make it harder. In superset #3, use Inverted Rows to make it harder.


On your off day, you need to do 30 minutes of activity for your health. Try to walk rather than drive, weather permitting. Do some errands by foot, rather than driving everywhere. Get in the habit of doing that all the time.

Also, spend some time cleaning the junk out of your cupboards in preparation for the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest. And put fruits and vegetables on the middle shelf of your fridge. Men's Health magazine says that will help you snack better.

Wednesday – New Year's Eve

Let's take a look at Intermediate TT workout B. You can also do this in a busy gym.

1A) DB Squat (8 reps)

1B) Stability Ball Rollout (8 reps)

2A) DB Reverse Lunge (8 reps)

2B) Side Plank (20 seconds)

3A) DB Row (8 reps)

3B) 1-Leg Hip Extension (10)

Beginner Interval Workout B

And now here's a look at my current workout. I'm doing a 3-day program and this is Workout A. I just did it on Saturday. I'm doing some extra rotator cuff exercises to help me avoid shoulder injury.

Rtr Cuff Warmup

Bench (1x5)

Face Pull (3x10)

DB Flat Press (4x8)

BB Row (4x10)

DB Incline (2x12)

Rtr Cuff Strength (3x10)

EZ Bar Triceps (4x10)

And it's New Year's Eve, so please drink responsibly! Happy New Year's!

Thursday – New Year's Day

Get up and get moving! Do 30 minutes of activity, but avoid the cardio confessional. After your exercise, set goals with for the year. I wish this is the best year of your life!


Time for one more TT workout. If you don't want to do cardio machine intervals, you could use Kettlebells, the skipping rope, or you could play sports. I'll be going over lots of alternative interval training workouts at the TT Seminar.

Click HERE to reserve your spot at the TT Seminar


Two of the 7 hottest trends in fat loss for 2009 will be Challenge Workouts and Social Support. You need them both!

In the February 2009 issue of Men's Health, I have a new challenge's called the Bodyweight 200. Give it a goes like this:

Prisoner Squat - 30

Pushups - 30

Jumps - 10

Stability Ball Leg Curls - 10

Stability Ball Pikes - 10 (more advanced version of jackknife)

Stepups - 20 (total)

Pullups or chinups - 5

Lunges - 30 (total)

Close-grip Pushups - 20

Inverted Rows - 15

Prisoner Squats - 15

Chinups - 5


Plan, shop, and prepare. And don't miss this week's book recommendation in the TT Audio call. Listen here for even more fat loss secrets:

In next week's New Year's edition!

· More transformation tips

· Dissect original TT

· Vegetarian tips from my friend, John Alvino

· New challenge workout

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - The next Turbulence Training Transformation Contest has started...

And I've created separate categories for men and women so both sexes have an equal chance of winning the top $1000 prizes.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this i am pumped and ready to get into it. And thanks for your continued interest in our fitness. i have made exercise a part of my life for 30 years and i love the renewed interest your programs has given me in my fitness routine. Happy new year to you too Craig

Chris D

Ebony said...

I already purchased turbulence training and would like to enter the contest this time. I've already taken my pictures and measurements. Where do I sign up? Thanks

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Thanks Chris! Glad you like the workouts.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Hi Ebony!

There is no "signup". All the rules are here that tell you what to do:

mooskietx said...

I love to change up my fitness routine! Thanks for the suggestions.

Anonymous said...

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