Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Squat Workout

Had a good leg workout today...well, as good as you can get when listening to Justin Timberlake's album for the 114th time over the loudspeakers at the gym. I gotta talk to them about this...

1A) Squat - 325x5x5
1B) Cable External Rotations - 2x15

2A) Full Squat - 155x2x15
2B) Hanging Knee Raise - 3x8

3) Good Morning - 200x2x8

4) Back Extension - 2x12

This workout lasted 50+ minutes, which is kind of long for me. But the squats lasted 35 minutes including a long warm-up. Felt not too bad. One more week on this program.

Day off tomorrow,


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Matt said...

How does that not violate the articles of the Geneva Convention?

Pete Koeniges said...

Just wondering...whats the difference between a squat in the first set, and the full squat in the second set? Shouldn't all squats be full, unless their box, front, etc?

Anonymous said...

try 3 sets of 50 reps at 135lbs, you will need a wheelchair, but your legs will grow like crazy

Brent said...

Curious as to how you differentiate a squat from a full squat? To me, a squat is a full squat.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

the first is parallel squat. the second is olympic squat.

yourexercisewizard said...

Nice one Craig!
I don't have a problem with your squats when you can do them all the way to the ground after that weight on your first three sets.. :p

Go hard ey!

yourexercisewizard said...

Nice one Craig!

I have respect bro after you squatted the weight on the first three sets then you squatted to the ground on the next..

Go hard ey!