Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fat Burning Success Story

Fat burning success story

"Every time I walk out of the gym now all I can say is WOW! As a matter of fact, I'm saying WOW after the completion of just about every Super-Set!!

I will try to explain how life-changing your program has been to me however, the real proof will be seen when my "after" photos are posted for the 3rd Turbulence Training Transformation Contest!

The sneek preview results? In 4 weeks I have lost 17 pounds and reduced my waist measurement 4 ½ inches, increased my energy levels throughout the day, got back into clothes I haven't worn in months, and reduced my cholesterol to normal levels again.  The most satisfying result is the comments I'm receiving from friends and family members on my transformation… it's a great opportunity to brag about this great program you have put together!

I started with the TT beginner level for the first 4 weeks and followed it very strictly – meaning 1 minute rest between warm-ups and supersets, following the 2-0-1 lifting tempo and using a weight that allows me to go 1 rep short of muscle failure, then moving right into the interval training on the treadmill following your recommended 8/10 intensity level (i.e. actually "sprinting" when it was time to "sprint!").  I can honestly say that anyone who doesn't walk away from these workouts totally challenged and feeling like they've accomplished a great deal is flat out not doing it right!!

This week I moved up to the intermediate level for my next 4 week program and again,… WOW! The increase from 2 to 3 superset exercise circuits with still only 1 minute of rest between supersets became an interval training event in itself… I was watching the second hand on the clock to be sure I got EVERY second before the next superset!

Your program allows me to work groups of large muscle mass in a short amount of time (definitely fits my busy lifestyle now) and your key principles of intensity, variety and change guarantee continual fat loss and muscle gain!

One word about the Discussion Forums – FANTASTIC! I have relied heavily on the Discussion Forums, in particular the Training/Exercise section, to get assistance and encouragement. Years of power lifting have taken quite a toll on my knees and have prevented me from doing any single-leg lunging types of exercises.  

When I saw the single-leg exercises in the TT program I was naturally apprehensive.  I dove into the forums and not long ago, received very valuable information on alternate exercises and recommended actions to help me overcome knee pain while doing

Turns out that all I needed to do was follow the program's suggested warm up circuits and warm up superset and (BIG surprise) no knee pain!  I can again get excited about single-leg lunge type exercises!

Concerning nutrition, I follow very basic rules:
-     Nothing out of a bag or box.
-     Small frequent meals
-     High fiber foods
-     Lots of fruits and vegetables
-     Lean proteins with occasional protein powder supplements

I have always believed that lifestyle changes (permanent) are much more effective than diets (temporary) for long term health.  That being said, simple changes in my eating habits work – drastic changes do not.

My goal is to lose 40 pounds in 12 weeks. Prior to coming into contact with Turbulence Training, I wouldn't even consider a weight loss goal, let alone a goal like this!  Your combination of nutrition tips, circuit training and interval training make my goal not only realistic, but totally achievable!

Sorry for all the exclamation points but as I mentioned at the beginning, trying to explain in words how life-changing your program is to me is difficult to do… hence the exclamation points!

Thank you for providing such an AWESOME program!!"
Hal Empsom

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