Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Vegas Shenanigans Part 1

Shenanigans, albeit goofy ones, have already occurred on my trip to Vegas.

Last night at midnight I woke up and had to go to the lil' boys room. I tried to roll out of bed, but you know how hotel bed sheets are often tucked into the corners tighter than a nuns bun?

Well, my legs got caught and I literally fell out of bad, landing awkwardly in a split squat stance, with head just inches to the right of a marble nightstand.

That could have been messy...Like yesterday's travel. My cab ride from Lakeway to the Austin airport started awesome. I fell asleep. I love sleeping in cars. It's one of my favorite things in the world.

My flight to Houston was great. But then we had an hour delay on the tarmac waiting for people to board with connections - which was cool, because otherwise their day would have been rhuined.

Got into Vegas a little late, and went through the most epic of all taxi lineups, several hundred people deep.

One day I will start using Uber.

As soon I download the first app - ever - for my phone.

And that won't happen soon.

Then I had a great taxi driver. We went to Whole Foods first, where I stocked up on fruits, vegetables, smoked salmon, nuts, nut butters, Epic Bars, water, and coconut butter.

And yes, I had an empty mini-fridge waiting in my room.

We had a good chat, I congratulated him on quitting smoking and gave him some bodyweight workout tips, as well as how to best use his dumbbells at home. Good times. I always appreciate it when the cab drivers are happy to wait as I grocery shop.

Finally I arrived at the Monte Carlo. Watched a little football, used my gratitude journal, and called it a night (8:30 local time, 11:30pm back on the East Coast).

Aside from my falling-out-of-bed experience, and my regularly weird dreams, it was a good sleep.

I was excited to hit the gym in the morning, because Monte Carlo has a free standing squat rack and bench press.

Pardon me, they HAD a free standing squat rack and bench press.

No more.

I understand. It's likely for Liability reasons.

I made the best of what was there...squatting in a Smith machine and doing lots of bodyweight exercises, too.

Next up I have lunch with a high school friend that runs one of the Cirque shows here. He's a relaxed Canadian but Vegas insider at the same time. Should be good for some stories over sushi.

Tomorrow I'll hit a heavy dumbbell chest press workout. Looking forward to it. And then I believe we have reservations at Cut steakhouse.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Most people want you to remain in your comfort zone. They resist and hate change. They believe they are stuck and want you to remain stuck with them. You must not harbor any bitterness or resentment against those that try to hold you back. They know not what they do. Stay strong and never give up on what is important to you...even if that means a big step out of your comfort zone.

Keep on pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - You cannot change the past. Let it go. Learn the lessons. Apply them to your always improving daily routines and your future better behaviors. Move on from mistakes. Leave them behind. Do not waste time or energy in regret. Control what you can (right now). Cope with what you can't control (the consequences of past actions). Concentrate on what counts (making right decisions every moment going forward). Forgive yourself for the mistakes of the past and smile at past struggles. They are what have made you the stronger person that you are today. Keep on pushing on, positively. Persevere on what is important to you. You are getting closer – and better – and stronger – everyday. Have an amazing and positive and POWERFUL weekend! Spend time with people that are important to you, and spend time doing what really matters in your life.

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