Saturday, September 20, 2014

4000 pushups and a day off

Enjoying a relaxing weekend out on the farm. Tomorrow will be an "off from everything" day, meaning no training, no internet, and no cell phone. Looking forward to it.

Today I did a quality bodyweight training session, focusing on handstand pushups. On Monday I'll focus on burpees and pull-ups.

Some milestones were achieved. I cross the 4,000 pushup mark.

I crossed the 33% mark for Handstand pushups.

It looks like Pullups are the only exercise that are really far behind, but that should be something I can make up. I'll start my catch-up protocol on Monday and put more emphasis on those over rows and chins.

Saturday's Total Reps: 304

101 pushups
100 squats
85 rows
18 handstand pushups

And congrats to long-time TT Member, John Magovern!

[200K Fan Contest Winners!!!]

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry! Now, to announce the Prize Winners of the 200K Fan Contest...

10, 9, 8th place prize winners - Nathan Meece, Angela Fogarty, Rayven Michelle

7, 6, 5th place prize winners – John Magovern, Abe Chaukla, Ainslie Berg

4, 3, 2nd place prize winners – Femi Sasona, Richel Mayberry, Maribel Hernandez Vital

1st place prize winner! – David Spillett

Winners – please contact Lesa at

Lesa will get you access to your prizes. Thanks!


Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
No matter the struggles, dips, or obstacles in your way, you must never stop pursuing what is important to you. Always keep moving ahead. Take time today to recover and refresh your energy levels, and renew your commitment to the matters that matter to you. Stay strong and keep on pushing on!

Push on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT


12 week cumulative total:

15,000 Bodyweight Squats
  • 6685
10,000 Pushups
  • 4077
3,000 Bodyweight Rows
  • 1448
2,000 Pullups
  • 237
1,500 Burpees
  • 529
1,500 Chinups
  • 495
333 Handstand Pushups
  • 120
= 13,481/33,333 reps

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