Saturday, February 01, 2014

PowerHouse and Colombia in Tampa

Amazing dinner last night with ETR Virtual Mastermind members Kate Vidulich and Steve Agyei at our Turbulence Training Certification event in Tampa, Florida.

We also had Dani Woodrum, and trainers from as far as the Dominican Republic (in addition to Steve all the way from Aberdeen).

We had great times at the legendary Colombia Restaurant in Ybor City. (I had the Grouper "Jimmy" entree and a chorizo appetizer...really great...and another trainer had the "Bambino" steak...legendary. Great times!)

Today's workout was at the legendary POWERHOUSE gym in Tampa. My buddy, pro bodybuilder, Big Ben Pakulski, was there training chest in preparation for the Arnold Classic show in just a few weeks.

My training:

Warm-up Circuit (after my old-man warmup)
1A) KB Swing
1C) Pushups
- 4 rounds

2A) Deadlift (5-3-1 followed by 4 sets of 8)
2B) Military Press (5-3-1 followed by 4 sets of 8)
Loved it.

Alright, I'm out like a Wrecking Ball-antyne. Have a great day. Off to finish our Turbulence Training Certification weekend here in Tampa. Learn more about the CTT here


Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tips:
Don't be afraid to be a contrarian, to go against the crowd, to rise above mediocrity, and to be better than average. Do what is right, not what it is expected by the masses. Normal, average behavior will not get you what you want in life.

See ya!

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - You can't change the past. Learn from it. Move on. Get better. Recognize the tempting environments. Avoid them. Stay strong!

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