Friday, February 14, 2014

Ballantyne's Day Special!

Not everyone likes me. I get cursed out - a LOT...but that's mostly by people doing one of my classic Turbulence Training exercise combos or HWR challenges that leave them huffing, puffing, & sweating - in a good way.
But some folks literally hate something about me...and here's what it is:
"What I hate about you, Craig Ballantyne, is that you have TOO many workouts. I don't know which one to choose next!"
Ooops, sorry! But that's why I created this:
It's the perfect solution to "What workout should I do today?"
Other TT readers might not "hate" me, but they are skeptical. After all, some of the TT and Home Workout Revolution results are so amazing that even I have a hard believing them. So some folks ask this...
You better believe it!
Just visit ... although you could be there a loooooooooong time...because we have over 60 men and women from our 18 Transformation Contests, some of whom have lost 20 pounds, 33 pounds, and even over 51 pounds in just 12 weeks. And all of those are real people - I know because their prize winning checks have all been cashed! ;)
Listen, I understand your skepticism, after all, I'm one of the most skeptical guys in the world...because in my job as a trainer evaluating new programs and diets all the time, I have to be skeptical.
But all I ask you to do is try Turbulence Training or the Home Workout Revolution, because then this will happen...You'll admit I'm right - :) - just like Angie Mitchell did. Read her success story:
Yep, you'll discover first hand why cardio is a WASTE of time and why my short, burst workouts rock. You'll want to do TT and HWR for LIFE. And you can. So why wait any longer? Why keep doing the same thing over and over again (the definition of Insanity) if you're not getting results?
Make the Switch.
Go TT for Life.
I'm blessed that so many TT readers have decided to stick with me "for life" through the TT Lifetime Partnership.
When you become a Lifetime TT Partner, you'll receive...

1) Every TT workout I've ever created
2) Every TT workout I ever will create
3) All TT workout videos for life (including some amazing new follow-along fat burning workout videos coming in 2014)
4) The TT Forum (for LIFE, where you'll maximize your new positive people support group)
5) And a very cool "goodie bag" sent to you in the mail (featuring some sweet Turbulence Training swag and a special life-changing book)

But hurry, you only have until the end of today, Ballantyne's Day, to "Lock me up" on this special deal.

Lock up your Lifetime Access to Craig and all TT Workouts here

Off to create some more workouts for your Lifetime Membership,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Success is simple once you accept how difficult it will be...only then will you have the right mindset to take action & achieve. With this attitude, you will be willing to persevere through the dark days, to push through the dips, and never give up on what is important to you.

PPS - I'm really looking forward to meeting you... one of our live TT events in the future. You'll get free access to all the TT Summits as part of your TT Lifetime Partnership. I hope to do at least
2 big meet-ups per year, and some small ones during my business travels to other seminars. The big one is the TT Summit on June 6-7th. Don't miss it.

"Knowing that I have an open invitation to every TT Summit from now on, how could I NOT enter into this lifetime commitment. This solidifies my commitment to MYSELF. To continue to make strides in my physical well being, and also my mental well being. Being able to share with my fellow forum members makes all the difference. Thanks Craig, and thanks to all who contribute. You make this work. Next goal-save money for a ticket to San Diego!" - Concetta, new TT Lifetime Partner
Lock Up Lifetime Access to the TT Summit and all TT Workouts here
Looking forward to sending you a very cool book in the mail (plus some other sweet Turbulence Training goodies).
PPPS - Happy Ballantyne's Day!

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