Friday, February 07, 2014

Avoid Subway and go to Chipotle

Have you heard about the shocking admission that the Subway sandwich company has been forced to make this week?
A food blogger discovered that Subway's bread contained an ingredient used in the production of foamed plastics such as yoga mats. According to the LA Times, "Azodicarbonamide causes asthma in humans and the ingredient is already banned in Europe and Australia."
Ugh, how would you like your steak and cheese rolled up in a yoga matt? LOL. Want that heated up? Double LOL.
Just another reason to skip that junk...that's right, junk. Where else can you get a loaf of bread being passed off as "weight loss food"? What a joke. The truth is that eating at Subway just leaves you tired, lethargic, and on your way to GAINING belly fat.
And that smell...ugh...spending 2 minutes in Subway stinks you up all day.
That's just one of the so-called healthy foods out there that you MUST avoid this weekend, even if you are having a cheat day. 
Probably the WORST thing you could order at Subway is a tuna sandwich on a massive loaf of bread combined with a bag of potato chips. Mmmm...cancer in a bag! Might as well wash that down with some Diet Coke, right? What an epic failure of a so-called healthy lunch.
If you don't believe me, you need to listen to world-renowned cancer specialist, Dr. Phil Spiess, when he says:
Dr. Spiess, who I met this weekend down in Tampa while delivering my Turbulence Training Certification seminar, is a leading expert on health, fat loss, and avoiding cancer. 
He can also help you lose weight fast and protect your heart from these nasty so-called health foods that big companies are tricking you into eating.
Dr. Spiess recently put together a brand new free report entitled The 15 Foods That DAMAGE Your Heart to inform you of the worst foods you MUST steer clear of if you care about your health and longevity (unfortunately, most people eat these foods every day).
Even better, you can download the entire free report in just a few seconds by visiting this page right now.
You can't out-exercise a bad diet for fat loss OR heart health. What you eat is the most important factor in how you look and feel. If you want to live a long life, then throw these foods out now!
==> 15 Foods that DAMAGE Your Heart (throw them out)
Please don't make these common mistakes.
Skip Subway restaurant this weekend and forever,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - What's better than Subway for healthy fast food?
...Chipotle, by a long shot.
Get the burrito bowl, no rice or flour tortilla, and load up on beans, meat (carnitas is my favorite), and vegetables. You can even have a side of heart-HEALTHY guacamole for under 600 calories.
That's the Chipotle "Ballantyne" bowl. You'll love it!
Have a great weekend, and I'll be back on Monday with an amazing free gift to improve your life! 
It's all part of our upcoming Ballantyne's Day celebration.

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